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Celebrate July!

By spotogspindel | July 14, 2010

I just updated my Celebrate July-list, so I am reposting it, even if we´re already halfway to August. That´s summer for you!

One of my favorite things about Christmas, is making calenders. But why wait for Christmas, when we can have fun all year?!? This is inspired from Sally Jean, but is also based of years of making advent calenders 🙂

So this is a list of 31 things to do to


You can choose your own order to do them in, as some of them require more planning then others or  special weather-conditions…

1. Find or buy a journal if you don´t have one, and leave it on your nightstand. Every night before you go to sleep, think of at least one thing you are grateful about that was special this day. Write it down. Just one thing. Not more, not less. This will be the best journal ever! You can of course incorporate it into your other journal if you prefer. I heard about this on Oprah years and years ago, and immediately adopted the idea. I bought tiny notebooks for all my students, and challenged them. I think some of them still have their books. I certainly have mine! On a blue day, it is good to find it, and read out loud a page to myself. Some days it might be hard to think of something original, but or anything at all to be grateful about. But it can be very basic: thanks for breathing!

July is the big Ice Cream-month, and the 1st is the Creative Ice Cream Flavor-day. Invent your own flavor! Here is a link to a basic recipe, but you can experiment with adding different tastes.

2. Run through the sprinkler… just as you did when you were a kid! Run under the arch and try avoiding getting wet… or jump over the sprinkler making funny poses as you fly through the air. This is a good time to try a  cartwheels as well 🙂

3. Today  is Compliment Your Mirror Day. Now, here is what you need to do……… Stand in front of your mirror with your eyes closed. Put a big smile on your face…. a big smile. Now, open your eyes. Isn’t the picture of the person in your mirror absolutely stunning!? The person in your mirror is beautiful (or handsome). So, compliment your mirror for displaying this beautiful person.

Then go to the beach. Bring sunscreen, friends and a soft-ball. Play beach volley-ball. And smell the salty sea air.

4. Celebrate  Independence day for the USA by making chocolate-chip-cookies and have a cookies-and-milk-picnic in the garden.

First Sunday in July: Build a Scarecrow Day. He will help to keep birds out of your garden.

5. Today is self-portrait day! Take a picture, or draw or paint. Save it, there will be a collection by the end of the year!

6. Buy a tiny tree, and plant it in your garden.

Make a home-made postcard, and send it to a friend. Or maybe to the post-office, telling them you appreciate their effort. This way you can celebrate both Postal worker Day and when the first picture postcard was made.

7. Go out in the garden, and play badminton with your friend. If you have several friends nearby, make a tournament!

Make macaroni-and-cheese for dinner, to celebrate macaroni-day.

And for dessert? Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to eat you favorite chocolates in ample portions. Do you really need another excuse to over indulge with your favorite food treat? I don’t need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day, do we? Eat Chocolate!

8. Do a good deed. Or better yet. Do several. Be creative in finding your deeds.

9. Explore another culture. Read up on the culture of your choice on the internet, then invite your family to a home-made meal inspired by this cultures food. Maybe you can even challenge your family to prepare some contribution for the get-together, to find music from this country, or a dance, or something else…

10.  Braid your hair, just like when you were young. Add a ribbon, and wear your stylish new doo to the supermarket 🙂

11. Today is Cheer-up-the-lonely-day. Phone or visit an old friend you haven´t talked to for a ages.

World Population Day focuses upon people under 25, reproductive issues, and health. This day is sponsored by the United Nations World Population Fund (UNFPA).

12. Make a tradition of after-dinner watercolors. Get watercolor paper for the whole family. Cheap watercolors from the grocery store will work just fine. Each night, after dinner, choose a subject, a tree, a cat, or the sunset. Have everyone sign and date their paintings. Find a wall in your house to hang your collection. When the season is over, pack them away in a special box to pull out and display again next year… or in 10 years! Frame and keep displaying your favorites.

Let your favorite kid borrow your small digital camera, and let them take as many pictures as they want. I promise, you´ll see things from a new perspective!

13. More ice-cream! Do the ice-cream bind-test. Get different brands from the different shops, invite over some friends over for the challenge. Which is the best?

14. Celebrate the national day of France: Bastille day. Find your beret-hat, your striped sweater, and go to a French restaurant if there is one around. If not, bake a big cake, and enjoy!

Oh, and it is also Nude Day. A way to keep cool on a hot , sticky summer day. So, if you dare, take it off……take it all off.

15. Take a field-trip to a museum. Often we visit museums and sights when we travel, but we always forget to visit some of the attractions that are near us. Play tourist in your home-town!

16. Lay in a field and watch the clouds go by. Give them names. Do you have a digital camera? Take pictures of some of the shapes, and print them out. Find a pen and draw eyes on them.

Make your own summer-music-favorites-list. When I was a kid, we used to make mixed tapes, now it would be a spotify-list or something, wouldn´t it. Feel free to send me suggestions for my list, I´ll be posting one shortly.

17. Go to a concert! Don´t be afraid to sing or dance along!

The sewing machine was patented today in 1790. I think that calls for a celebration! Hey-ho, let´s sew! How about your own, personal camera-strap?

18. Get yourself a tattoo! No need to spend hours under the needle. Get a party rub-on. Put it somewhere VERY visible and show it off!

19. You know that book you´re gonna read someday? Guess what? Someday!!! It´s here! Start reading.

Go to a photo-copier-place, empty your pockets onto the glass, lay your head down in between and push copy. Sounds silly? Send your contribution to this anthropology-study to this address.

20. Get up really early, and watch the sun rise!

Armstrong and Adrian landed on the moon today, in 1969. Celebrate by making a painting, your own story-book illustration.

21. When it is raining, really hard summer-rain, wear shorts and a T-shirt, and go dancing barefoot in the garden. Feel the grass between your toes!

22.  Eat chocolate-cake for breakfast!

Summer is in full swing. It’s time to slow down and to relax. There is no better place to slow down and relax, than on a hammock.

23. DIY-day. Find a piece of furniture that´s be dying for a make-over. Paint, re-upholster (they have great books at the library), basically: Give it new life!

24. Play with water-balloons. Fill them with water. Draw your own target and try to hit the bulls-eye. Or play catch with a friend trying not to break the water-balloons. If you do, well, you don´t loose, you just get wet 🙂

Amelia Earhart-day.


25. Have a picnic in bed. A real one. With the family. Don´t be afraid of crumbs. They´re not harmful 🙂

Culinarians Day is a special day for anyone who cooks. That means just about everyone of us get to celebrate this day. You don’t have to be a chef, or a graduate of a culinary institute to celebrate this delicious day. You simply have to  cook, and to enjoy the results.

Today is also Carousel day. Get some popcorn, or that sticky sugar-cloud-goo, and go for a spin 🙂

26. Take your bike out on a road-trip. Start by going somewhere you usually drive and see how many more things you notice long the way, when you have more time. Remember your helmet!

27. Make a treasure-chest! Everyone loves fancy-dress. So gather all your costumes, fun clothes, hats and wigs and over-the-top jewelry and put it in one easy to find place: the treasure-chest! If you don´t have much to put in your treasure-chest, check out the charity-shops or go to a flee-market. You never know when you might need a great costume! 🙂

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day is a great day to get some exercise. Its an easy day to celebrate. Simply go for a walk. Unless you are wearing a dress or a skirt, you probably are wearing pants. So, by definition, as you walk, they come along. Give your pants some exercise. After all, they are looking a little tight around the middle. The walk will do them good.

28. Write a real old-fashioned snail-mail post-card to a friend or two.

29. Grab you camera, and photograph tiny details. Notice your surroundings. Key holes, leaves, painted letters on signs… Make a montage of your theme. Print it, frame it, … and then find another theme and do it all over again.

Today is lasagna-day, so guess what´s for dinner? 🙂

30. Go camping in the yard. The real-deal-camping with a tent and sleeping-bags. Cook on the grill. Toast marshmallows or make grilled fudge-bananas in foil. Rough it up. (But you´re allowed inside for the bathroom)

Hm. Today happens to be cheese-cake day too. Can we bring the cake into the tent?

31. First, send me suggestions for ways to celebrating August, then invite all you musical friends over for an evening of song and wine. Oh, and remember to save the corks! If they are real cork, they can be used for a crafts-project.

Here is the list. Next month there will be a new one. This time YOU can send me suggestions for activities on the calender. All suggestions will be in the next goody-giveaway.

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5 Responses to “Celebrate July!”

  1. michelle Says:
    July 3rd, 2009 at 05:43

    this is so funny! i just wrote a list of 36 things i want to do before i turn 37 and i look at your list and i see several of the same things! great minds think alike!!

  2. michele (with one L) Says:
    July 14th, 2010 at 20:06

    Posts like this are a great reason for blogging! I’d love to hang on to your creative “drift!” So inspiring! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! :o)

  3. Your Garden Says:
    July 14th, 2010 at 23:33

    Celebrate July!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  4. andrew from oz Says:
    July 15th, 2010 at 08:14

    Huh, so the janne never rests?

    Boy you are so full of vitality!!

    Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. That’s what I like! It’s usually my pants going for a walk without me, but they are a bit wayward like that.

    In fact, sometimes even my legs go for a walk without me…

    Of course here in australia we wear shorts all year, even to weddings. 😉

    Did I tell you how great that big stickytape web is? Amazing.

    sorry for being silly

  5. regina Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 00:48

    I love your lists!