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Buttercup design

By spotogspindel | May 6, 2016


My favorite story-teller group the Øfsti/Vestre/Haugland have had the premiere on “Smørbukk” (Buttercup). A traditional Norwegian fairytale of a lazy boy who likes candy, manages to trick a two-headed troll a couple of times before he violently beheads it, steals all it´s gold and goes back to his mother for more candy. Not an obvious bed-time story perhaps, but then again Disney has removed a lot of drama and violence from the original fairytales in his adaptations. It´s only the past couple of generations that believe that fairytales are sweet and romantic and for children.



The set and costumes for this show are all off-white. The lacy backdrop is a salvaged military-tanks winter-cover! The square textile cubes have quickly become a favorite of mine. They are so versatile! You can probably recognize them from my embroidered installation.


The silk skirts are left-overs from another show I did years ago, and are in a high-quality natural silk. His trousers are original martial-arts pants from Japan (which he loved!)

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Look at these faces! they are so alive when they tell their stories! Wonderful people and wonderful actors & storytellers.

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All photos by Tanja Steen.

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One Response to “Buttercup design”

  1. gail Says:
    May 6th, 2016 at 23:08

    I love the subtle differences in the whites and the different textures. Lovely. 🙂 They don’t distract from the expressions of the actors.