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bobbin lace… kinda

By spotogspindel | August 25, 2014

Fall means back to school, and in my case that means back to the workshops at Voss. This time we got to try making bobbin lace. Oooo… it´s complicated! I really had a though time trying to understand the 3D logic of it, just by looking at how it was built up. We did have instructions to follow, but when things get too complex, it´s often easier to try to understand by cracking the code visually. you know how some people read the text in the how-to, while others read the pictures. I am one of the ladder. Anyway. Below is our teacher´s example of what we were supposed to make.


And here is my feeble attempt. Each thread a different color, to more easily keep them apart. This is just about as far as I got. By now I have cracked the code on the how-to-make, but not the code on how-to-fix-mistakes. And it was a mistake that stopped me. I still can´t see it, but I know it´s there. (darn)


Still a bit of a way to go before I reach the level below, you might say. I will have another go at it though. But maybe with slightly bette equipment. Using the same weight on every thread will probably help. Now it was cloth-pins and spoons and just rolled up yarn. It´s nice to have something to blame one´s own lack of talent on 😉


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One Response to “bobbin lace… kinda”

  1. Siri Says:
    August 25th, 2014 at 21:58

    Så morsomt at jeg tilfeldigvis fant kniplepinnene mine i går da jeg la på plass noe annet! Jeg har fått noen gamle pinner men har aldri fått tid til å lære meg å kniple…Første steg er visst å tre pinnene rett med en sånn lur knute så de ikke legger ut på eventyr…Og så er det lurt med en sånn skikkelig pute som ruller… Lykke til!! 🙂