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Been there, done that…Tuscany

By spotogspindel | July 9, 2010

Italy is all about art, history, food and wine, isn´t it?

The Uffizi-museum of Florence is home to some of the world´s most famous paintings, like Primavera by Botticelli in 1478.

Montepuliciano, one of many small mountain-castle-cities. And a lot of great wines are made just around here.

It is pretty romantic, I have to admit…

People still live in these houses, even though they are around 800 years old. I find that fascinating.

Me, being chased by a vampire in a cantina in Montepuliciano. This is where part of the second Twilight-movie was filmed.

San Marino is a not only another mountain-castle-city. It is the only city-state, that still is an independent state, it´s own country. So there it is, # 1 on my 41-list.

A beautiful city, but sad to say, with the highest density of kitchy-yalla-tourist-shops pr sq. meter I´ve ever seen. Pizza and sights were good, though. Oh, and the vampire-museum…

A small restaurant in Volterra, yet another mountain-city. To my surprise the best pizza I ate, was at Pisa airport when we first arrived. Volterra is where the action in Twilight, the book, takes place. Told you there was a lot of vampires in our holiday 🙂

Isn´t this the most typical tourist-photo ever 🙂 ?

Me in Pisa, the night before the plane leaves.

I know, I know… there are lots of pictures of me in this post. But you see, usually, I´m the one with the camera taking pictures. For once I actually have evidence of being the place I told everyone I was going for my holiday 😉 !

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2 Responses to “Been there, done that…Tuscany”

  1. Frk.Festli Says:
    July 9th, 2010 at 19:32

    fint bilde av dokker to 🙂
    Har kje du et tre i hagen? I sommar syns eg me ska sitta der, ein bunte mennesker, å drikka vin å ta fine bilder av kor fint me har det ;D

  2. andrew from oz Says:
    July 13th, 2010 at 05:53

    It’s always nice to see pictures with your self in them Janne 🙂 Keeps us wondering…..

    So did you fix that place in Pisa? I hope not. Think of the dollars they would lose!