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Artfest 2

By spotogspindel | April 3, 2012

Second day at Artfest I took Lorraine Reynolds´class Books Unbound.

Guess what. It was so intense and so fun, I totally forgot to take photos!

I did make two covers, this is one of them; a tribute to my Grandfather. He was a welder at a ship-engine factory, and my Dad just gave me this old photo a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to do something with it, so this book (the inside too) will bring bits and pieces of his and his colleagues´s stories. Vintage, but from the industrial 1950s. Which is why I really like the blue coming through the rust. It has a cold, metallic, industrial feel to it.

The book itself my neighbor gave me, the rusted metal another good neighbor gave me. The driftwood was part of a trade, the glass-bottle is filled with mica-chips (I thought they looked like iron-chips kinda). The one and only Elizabeth showed me how to worked with the sparkle-paint. As I get more done on the inside I´ll show you more of Anders´ story.

The evening was hectic and fun-filled with vendor-night, (see below). I helped Michelle at her stand, but again, I forgot to take pictures. We do look a bit hectic here ;-)


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2 Responses to “Artfest 2”

  1. kelley Says:
    April 4th, 2012 at 01:53

    I loved this class! Your book turned out amazing. I so need to try that spackle paint!

  2. lulu Says:
    April 9th, 2012 at 19:44

    Yes, the texture on that book is yummy!!!