Janne Robberstad

Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer, an artist, and a teacher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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I made the graphic design for this site:


Member of The norwegian Association of Visual Artists since 2012

Divided into commissions, acquisitions and concept-art.


Commissions of art and decoration:

2017: Ronia Diamond, Sølvtrans

2017: Ronja Ocean, Sølvtrans

2016: Skandi Buzios, DOF

2016: Stril Mar, Møkster Shipping AS


2015: Skandi Acu, DOF

2015: HSD Café and shopping centre, Hellvik Eiendom

2015: Helsehuset, Haugesund (The Health-house in Haugesund)

2015: Skandi Africa, DOF

2015: Viking Neptun, Eidesvik

2014: Stril Luna, Møkster Shipping AS

2014: Normand Reach, Solstad

2014: Optiship, reception


2013: Bømmelfjord offices

2013: reception, Eidesvik 

2013: Skandi Iceman, DOF

2013: Skandi Bergen3, DOF

2013: reception, Matre

2013: office decoration, Finnås Kraftlag


2012: Viking Prince, Eidesvik Offshore ASA 

2012: Brage Trader, Brage Suppliers

2012: Stril Polar, Møkster Shipping AS


2011: Nordmann Arctic, Solstad Offshore ASA

2011: Stril Orion, Møkster Shipping AS

2011: Brage Supplier, Brage Suppliers

2011: Skandi Skansen, DOF

2011: decoration for the reception at Bremnes Seashore


2010: Skandi Hercules, DOF

2010: Aker Wayfarer, Aker Oilfield

2010: Skandi Skolten, DOF

2010: Skandi Vega, DOF

2010: Kafé Frugård

2010: Skandi Aker, DOF


2009: Skandi Santos, DOF

2009: decoration for DOF Corporate, DOF Management and  DOF SUBSEAs new office

2009: Skandi Olympia, DOF

2009: decoration for the reception at Eidesvik Offshore ASA (and here)

2009: Viking Lady, Eidesvik & Co AS

2009: Skandi Arctic, DOF

2009:  Skandi Flora, DOF


2008: Viking Poseidon, Eidesvik & Co AS

2008: Skandi Seven, DOF

2008: Skandi Acergy, DOF

2008: pictures for the Eidesvik office

2008: Island Well Server, Island Offshore

2008: picture for the bar “Den blå time”


2007: Viking Queen, Eidesvik & Co AS

2007: Skandi Achiever, DOF

2007: Skandi Mongstad, DOF

2007: Skandi Bergen, GEO Shipping

2007: Geograph, GEO Shipping

2007: Acergy Viking, Eidesvik & Co AS

2007: Veritas Vision, Eidesvik & Co AS


2006: Viking Athene, Eidesvik & Co AS

2006: Bømlo Highschool

2005: Viking Thaumas, Eidesvik & Co AS

2004: Viking Avant, Eidesvik & Co AS

2004: Viking Nereus, Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi


2003: Viking  Energy,  Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi

2002: Viking Dynamic, Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi

2002: Viking Vantage, Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi

2001: Fatland Innredning art for bunk-prototype


2000: Skandi Patagonia, District Offshore

2000: Viking Lady, Eidesvik & Co AS Shipping Company

1999: Viking Veritas 2, Eidesvik & Co AS Shipping Company

1999: Subsea Viking, Eidesvik & Co AS Shipping Company

1998: Viking Poseidon, Eidesvik & Co AS Shipping Company

1998: Viking Veritas, Eidesvik & Co AS Shipping Company


Acquisitions and gifts of art:

2016: Gina Krog, platform, gift from Apply Leirvik to owner

2016: Ivar Aasen, platform, gift from Apply Leirvik to Statoil

2014: Øyfjord and ØysundBømlo Brønnbåtservice, gift from suppliers

2014: Østerbris, gift from supplier

2014: Normand Vision, Solstad Shipping, gift from supplier

2014: Juanita, Ugland Offshore, gifts from Godmother and supplier

2005: Bømlo county, gift

2004: gift to Langevåg Bygdatun from Wärtsila

2004: gift to shipyard, Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi

2003: gift to shipyards, Eidesvik & Co AS Rederi


2018: Undress my ego, with Sara Birgitte Øfsti and Ida Fugli
2017: Art. Beach. Create. Debris. – with Elizabeth Roberts, Jan Willy Folgerø-Holm and Bømlo Kunstlag
2016: Hesje-labyrinth, with Bømlo Kunstlag and farmer Birgitta Vedøy
2012: Kjøpholmen, (copper-coin-island) with Bømlo Kunstlag