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By spotogspindel | October 20, 2011


Finally the opening night of Amanda is here. And finally I can show you some photos of what I´ve been working on the past months!

Haugesund Theatre´s largest production ever, with 100 people on stage (60 pr show, as most of the kids share roles). Set in 1925 and 2011, it´s two parallel stories of two strong women.

Elise, played by Solveig Andsnes, is an actor who has the lead role as Amanda in a film. The film starts shooting just 4 weeks after she has twins, her 4th and 5th child.

Her husband Bjørn, played by Jørgen Langhelle, has promised to take care of them, so she can work. However problems start when one of the twins refuses to to eat from a bottle, only breast-feeding will do.

The historical Amanda  is played by Linn Løvik. She is partly a by-stander, watching the development of the future-story, and partly remembers her own story, sharing it with us.

The love of her life, Anders, played by Tomos Young, dies from her, and she is a very young widow with 5 young girls to feed.

Their love-story is danced, and it just brings tears to my eyes, it´s so beautifully done!

A young, poor widow, she tries to manage without government-help.

She starts a food-store with borrowed money, but since no one else has money either, she ends up giving the food away.

The shop-backer Frankson is played by Andre Ernst Grønås.

Haugesund at the time was based on the herring-industry, and when the herring disappears for seven years in a row, not only people, but 4 of 5 banks go bankrupt.

Before he died, Anders made money selling bootleg-liquer, and she decides to starts up the business again.

Rumor spreads that she is selling herself as well.

The story switches between Amanda´s memory of the past, and the movie-staging of the story. Here Solveig is in her role as Amanda, making dinner for all the neighbors.

A new police-woman in town, played by Siri Embla Risnes, is very suspicious, and finally manages to catch Amanda red-handed and arrests her.

The other police-officer, played by Jon Eikemo, is a friendly soul, and in love with Amanda.

With all her new bootleg-money, she can buy new clothes and shoes for her daughters. People trade what they have for alcohol and food, and she gives a lot of it away to the poor and needy.

Oh, I almost forgot the parallel story. Here, Elise is walking home after a day of filming in the rain. Which is pretty constant in Haugesund 😉 Real water, a charming dance-number and a soaking wet actress!

Who are all the grey people in the background? Why, they are the grey-people! The ones who are prejudice, who want you to become like them, not to stand out, not think your better than them, they are the “normal” ones. These have all the smaller roles in the play, and are the ones who keep pushing the story forwards.

Here is a grey news-paper-boy…

And a grey Burberry-snob-girl…

And finally, Elise wins the Norwegian film-award, (which is called the Amanda-award, and is named after Amanda in this story)

I know my short explanation of the plot here, is very flat, and strictly speaking, I´ve only told you a little about one of the stories, there is a lot more going on here.

Birgit Amalie Nielsen wrote the manuscript, and directed the show.

Ketil bjørnstad composed the music.

Steffen Østensen is the set-designer.

Darren Roysten the choreographer.

Halvor Lillesund is the musical director.

And I had the costume-design 🙂

Actors: Solveig Andsnes, Linn Løvik, Jørgen Langhelle, Jon Eikemo, Andre Ernst Grønås, Lene Romseland, Tomos Young, Oddvar Husby, Siri Embla Risnes, Janna Kari Kvinnesland, Kejll Otto Gard, Heine Valvatne, Mans Hisham, Kjetil Holme, Aslak Rossehaug.

Here is the reviews from Haugesunds Avis.


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  1. Tyler Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 04:44

    looks fantastic! Cheers to all your hard work! xo