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Welcome to my site! I work as an eco-designer, an artist, as a teacher and as a researcher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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a little update

By spotogspindel | June 24, 2013

Wow! It´s been a while, haven´t it?! Time flies when you´re having fun!

We´ve just ended 3 shows of Far, Far away in Bergen. With a full house on every show. It´s been such an artistic success, with lots of good feedback.

My camera was being used to film the show, so I´ve been with out my “documentation-intrument” for days here. But that doesn´t mean I haven´t been having wonderful artistic experiences.

Tuesday I had a talk about the importance of creativity for all the staff at HSH (the teachers college in Sunnhordland). Such a thrill! I was a bit … well, not nervous, but I think we can safely say a bit excited about the opportunity! It was only a 12-15 minute talk, but still. 😉

All week I´ve been staying with Kristine and her husband, who is studying to be an art-curator. We´ve had some really interesting discussions about art this week! What is art? When is something art? And when is it just an amateur-expression? When can one call oneself an artist? What are the criteria for good art? And so on.

Friday I had a big gallery trip in Bergen. From the big established museums with Munch, to the smaller gallery shops with art for sale (found some AMAZING oil-paintings by Jan Terje Rafdal!) to finally a feminist awareness exhibition in Knipsu Gallery, which was also very good.


Friday was also the big ship Skandi Bergen was being baptized in Bergen. Long story short, the art I was meant to deliver to this ship has been postponed due to the shipowners selling the ship. One of the pieces was sent directly from a printers across the country directly to the shipyard where the ship was built. I hadn´t even seen the picture, but the captain, took it onboard and put it up on the wall in the sky-lounge. Anyway, I was invited onboard to lunch with the captain, when we both found ourselves in Bergen. And seeing the picture on the wall I was a bit surprised! The printers hadn´t finished the job! This was supposed to be a relief, not just a plate. All the white was to be cut away. Especially annoying when it was the only picture onboard! You really have to be clear and double-check sometimes! It´s a good thing I have an excellent communication with my every-day-printers. They´re great!

Anyway. This picture will be exchanged for a new one, printed and cut like it´s supped to be! Hopefully I´ll get to post a better picture than the one above.

It as also a bit funny coming onboard, with the captain introducing me to the others, as the artist. Whereas everyone looked around, and said ” … where is the art?” 😀 Well, it´s stored in my guest-room, to be honest! Ready and waiting for the next ship! 🙂

Now, finally being home again, I´ve taken down my exhibition in Moster. My house is really filling up with art here! No, seriously. I did sell some of the art, and I am SO very thankful for all those who bought some of my art, to all those who visited the exhibition, and to all those who have given me such great feedback on my work. I am truly grateful!

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