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A crafty fall

By spotogspindel | January 27, 2020

I´ve been knitting this fall and winter. A lot more than usual. And not for any show, just for the pleasure of it, and mainly for myself. I´ve always loved knitting, I guess you could say I´m an idea-starter, not necessarily an idea-completer, when it comes to private projects. So I set a goal to finish some of the already started projects this fall. Here is most of the past 6 months´ production of #finishingprojects

A big yellow hoodie started in 1997-ish (I found a receipt in the bag from 1997). This is made form all different types of yarns, gathered by color, not quality: Handspun and hand-dyed silk from Japan, hanspun alpacca, wool, cotton, rayon, acylic velvet yarn and cotton velvet yarn, linen. It´s all in there. The design is self-made, and came to life as it progressed. And organic design, I guess you could say.

A black yak-wool sweater I started about 4 years ago while working on a show at Haugesund Teater, and stayed in a hotel for a month or so… SO soft and warm, I´ve worn this so much already. It´s the first time I´ve knitted raglan-arms.

This one I probably knitted about 5 years ago, but made arms and shoulders wrong, so basically all I did on this was to take off the arms, cut away a big chunk of the shoulders, and put the arms back on. This is thick alpacca-wool, and incredibly warm! It´s actually got a lot more life in the color than this photo shows. The design is self-made, and inspired by the 1940s.

Another oldie. Back in the 1980s mohair was the big hit, and I did knit a big blue sweater for my then boyfriend. I do belive there might be a bit of leftover in this one. The body was already knit sometime  last century, so this fall I knitted the arms to finally finish it. In this bag I found a ferry-receipt from 1993, so yup, I do take my time with some of the projects… This one is almost 100% mohair-wool, except for the rainbow-colored yarn in between which was (to my disappointment acrylic)

After finishing all these already-started projects, I rewarded myself by starting a brand new knit! I went into the store thinking I´d be working with reds and hot-pinks with a hint of yellow… and came out with this instead. Alpaca tweed in dusty mint, heather and milky colors. Oster-kofta is a traditional Norwegian cardigan pattern (from Osterøy, not too far from Bergen), which is here in a new type of yarn and new colors. Again, alpaca is really soft and warn, and this yarn is a bit thick, so it is really warm. (Can you tell that staying warm is important to me?)

I also made this pink mohair-sweater for my niese who is 5. And a lilac hat, but I don´t think I have a photo of that. Wh really likes them both. And come to think of it, for Christmas she got a shawl I knitted to her as well. Dark pink thin alpaca, patent-knitted. Purple and pink are her favourite colors.

Another finishing project. This big thing I´d had for a while, probaly started about 5 years ago. I didn´t know exactly how I wanted it, so I just kept going. The arms were finished, so it was more about figuring the drape and design, before making the shoulders and knitting the collar, trying to use up as much of the yarn I already had in the process as possible. Again super-warm fluffy alpaca, patent-knitted, and given to my sister for Christmas, so she wouldn´t freeze while working in her shop (it´s really cold sometimes at her job).

Finally another new project, which I started from scratch in… December, I think. And again a new version of an old traditional Norwegian pattern. This is from Fana, outside Bergen, in a short bolero-version with embroidery, crochet and 118(!) mother-of-pearl buttons. It took me longer to do all the other work than to actually knit the thing. It turned out pretty sweet though. Again 100% alpaca (can you tell I really like the softness and warmness of the material?).

I still have loads of started and unfinished projects, and will continue on my quest to get-ti-done-already! Currently though I have a new project on the needles, about half-way done, I would guess. A 100% sheeps-wool pattern made by Wiola. This yarn is much coarser to work with, but is much stronger than the alpaca, and will stay nice longer, maybe even generations.

Want to knit with me?


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2 Responses to “A crafty fall”

  1. gail Says:
    January 29th, 2020 at 18:32

    Lovely work. I wish I could knit! I know how to knit and purl but have never made anything bigger than a washcloth. My fingers fall asleep, perhaps carpal tunnel syndrome. And now since my surgery it will be a long time before I can use my dominant arm for anything!

    February 1st, 2020 at 21:14

    you are amazing, lady!!!