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6 000 000 STING exhibition opeing

By spotogspindel | February 25, 2017

Bømlo art group asked to show my embroidery exhibition, and today was the opening. Here are just a few photos from the exhibition:


Trine, the leader of the group, opened the exhibition.


Some of the work is redesigned wool needlepoint. Other pieces are guerilla-inspired. Yet other pieces are portraits made by fabric-printing, appliqué and machine embroidery.


There are several styles and lots of color, all giving a view into the possibilities of embroidery.


The curator took my Prayer-carpet down from the wall and put it on the floor. This was an eye-opener even for me. I think the exhibit of this one piece was made a lot more political, just by this one difference, the associations lead you in a different direction.


Family-members used as models.


Ingrid Leithaug Mjanger and Simon Madsen played so beautifully at the opeing!


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One Response to “6 000 000 STING exhibition opeing”

  1. gail Says:
    February 26th, 2017 at 15:56

    Lovely, and it makes me happy that the curator was willing to use your art to encourage political thought. 🙂