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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Stril Luna

By spotogspindel | July 25, 2014

Stril Luna is the name of Simon Møkster Shipping´s new offshore vessel. It´s a beautiful supply-ship, about 80 meters long, with accommodation for about 25 people. I am very honored and happy to deliver the artwork for this ship.

The ship was Christened a month ago, but is still not finished for another couple of weeks, so there are still bits and pieces not finished, as you can see in the photos below. But once it is all in place, it will be a true beauty!

The ship will be working in the ocean outside the Northern part of Norway, partly in Arctic waters. Therefore the owners wanted the pictures onboard to have a theme of ice and snow. A lot of them have motifs from my visit to Svalbard in April.

Well, it´s time to start our tour, and let´s start in the mess. This is where I´ve placed the “feature”-picture.


“Aurora”, named after the Northern light. 120×180 cm

This is snow from the outside and ice from the inside. Or to explain: one of the layers in this collage is of the ice-wall inside a glacier, 20 meters below the surface! This is what the picture looks like in the room.


Aurora´s sister-picture is called


“Borealis”, 60×80 cm


“Bi-Polar”, 60×90 cm

I met this polar-bear in Svalbard. I have to admit, he was standing quite still in the museum. I don´t really have a secret dream of seeing these animals in person. That doesn´t mean I don´t find them grand!


The mess is in many ways the most important room onboard. Everyone goes there at least 3 times a day, to eat, gain energy and be social. So soon this room will be filled with life!

Next door to the mess is the day-lounge. This is the place to watch tv, talk or just relax.


“Puffin- Nuffin”, 60×80 cm

This is the first English word-play I remember from way back in the early 90s, and finally I could use it! ;-)


“The Reindeer rules“, 60×90 cm, printed on plexi-glas.

The Arctic reindeers are not afraid of people, they only have one enemy, and that is the Polar-bear. So you can see them walking in the streets and in-between houses in Svalbard.


The smaller picture of a bird is not mine, it was a gift from one of the suppliers.

The next picture is yet another magical landscape-picture from Svalbard. If you ever have the chance to go there, don´t hesitate. It is truly one of the most beautiful places I´ve ever been. And certainly one of the most exotic!


“Cold Geometry”, 60×90 cm

I placed this picture in the hallway between the mess, the two day-rooms, the stairs and the exit.


Moving on, we enter the smoker´s lounge. Arctic animals are the theme for this room.


“Finnmarcken seal”, 60×80 cm


“Husky holiday”, 70×70 cm

This is actually a contradictory: huskies love to work, that is to run, or drag heavy sleighs. According to people who knows a bit about dogs. The dogs dragging the sleigh I was in, were certainly working! This is the leader-dog taking a rest on top of the glacier.


“Sealion”, 60×80 cm

All the maps are of the Arctic ocean or of Svalbard & Spitsbergen. And this is how they look in the room. (As you can see, there are still some lamp-shades and plants missing here)



Moving down a couple of stories, we find the conference-room.


“Spring”, 90×150 cm

These are mountains not far from Barentsburg.


(Again, you don´t get the right impression without the lamps and chairs in place.)

But let´s not complain, let´s visit the Captain!


“Husky power”, 60×60 cm

I mentioned that huskies love to work. They are powerful animals. And the same traits are to be found in a lot of people. And maybe as an ideal for a captain. Someone who loves to work, and really strain themselves in effort for others.


“Chill-time”, 60×90 cm

The captain also need to rest, he can´t always be on alert. So this is a little fantasy in a picture. While surrounded by icy cold mountains, one is allowed to dream of warm days, resting in the warm rays of the sun.



Across the hallway, is the chief´s cabin.


“Snøfartsnasjonen”, 60×80 cm

His picture has a Norwegian word-play in it. “Sjøfart” means shipping, while “snø” means “snow”… oh, well, it sounds better in Norwegian, trust me on that. It´s difficult to translate.


Finally we come the the first-officers cabin. He´s in for an adventure:


“Arctic Adventure”, 40×60 cm

I hope you´ve enjoyed the tour!

Bon voyage to Stril Luna and her crew! May you sail steady in wind and weather!

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Familylife-exhibition in Nord-Trøndelag

By spotogspindel | July 24, 2014


The Family-life in the light-houses along the Norwegian coast is now moved on to Nord-Trøndelag. The Coast-museum of Nord-Trøndelag (Kystmusset i Nord-Trøndelag) is the host until August 30th. So if you life nearby, please visit! The museum is a newly built museum, with several other exhibits and activities.

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Ribadeo, Figueras, Spain

By spotogspindel | July 23, 2014

I am in Spain on business! Along the Northern coast of Spain in the Asturias-area, there is a small town called Figueras, and in this small town there is a ship-yard. They happen to be building Møkster Shipping´s newest vessel, an advanced supply-ship. A couple of weeks ago I sent all the art down through Europe, and now I am here myself to hang all the pictures on the walls onboard. A couple of the pictures are so big they had to be fastened onto the frames onboard.


The small town where I am staying a couple of days, as seen from the ship.


And this is what the ship-yard looks like, also from the ship. It´s a nice atmosphere here. People are hard-working, but not stressed. All day I was fortunate enough to have Vladimir from Lithuania help me with the pictures.


The vessel is as I mentioned quite advanced. Rolls-Royce are delivering the design for the ship, and a lot of the technical equipment. This is from the bridge, and the steering-department is much smaller and easier to overcome. Before the units were SO big, now they´ve made a more practical version. Did I mention this is a prototype?


Here is the ship itself, hidden behind all the stuff one needs on a quay when building big boats! Stril Luna is the name, and tomorrow I´ll share the art with you!

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inspiration: Barbara Rae

By spotogspindel | July 21, 2014

These beautiful paintings are made by Barbara Rae. I was introduced to her art at the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London. It´s one of the few open exhibitions in England, where anyone can apply to show their art. Barbara however, is not just anybody. She is an acclaimed artist, painter and printer. I was so inspired by her abstract paintings that I simply had to share with you.


I think my favorite part about her art is her strong sense of color. The two pieces at the exhibition were even more outstanding than these two found online. She has written two books, both available on Amazon.

Barbara Rae - Lacken Cross500(1)

Finally a picture from the actual exhibition. Over 1300 pieces of art are displayed! I really like how they have crowded the pictures together to be able to show as much as possible :-)


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England – city life and countryside

By spotogspindel | July 20, 2014

London is my favorite city in the world!


What a joy this past week has been, being in London both for work and pleasure! This fall and winter I will be working at Haugesund Teater with props and costs for Grease, the musical. Along with the director and the translator, we had meetings with the designer and production-manager. I can´t reveal any of the design, but I can tell you that it feels like a very fresh approach to the now over 40 year old musical. And of course it´s always a pleasure to work with wonderful and talented people like Takis, the designer. This is from his studio/workshop, where 4-5 girls have been busy sewing the costumes. But I will tell you so much more about this later in the fall, when we actually start working with it.


I love London. The busy streets, the colors, the smells, the people… But England is so much more than London. The country-side is really something special too. A landscape that has been cultivated for centuries, it breathes history! There are an amazing amount of houses over 500 years old in this country, houses with people still living in them. Among other things, I believe this says something about a people who treasure their heritage. This time around I also had the chance to visit one of my dear friends who live in the countryside an hour south of London.


Just a few shots to share the green beauty of England.


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By spotogspindel | July 18, 2014

Today is the Christening of a new fishing vessel, and it´s name will be Østervind which means Eastern-wind. This picture was given as a gift to the ship from one of their suppliers.


“Slåtterøy fyr”(/ Slåtterøy lighthouse) 40×60 cm

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The guides at Moster

By spotogspindel | July 13, 2014

It´s already been some years ago that I designed the work uniforms for the guides at Moster. Based on a late medieval silhouette, the dresses are sewn in matka silk, which is a scrap-silk, very comfortable to wear. The belts have a text from the old church-bell, and old catholic prayer of “Ave Maria…”


The guides work a lot, because every now and then I have to make them new dresses, and this summer I´ve made three new ones. Below is a belt in progress. All the letters are freestyle machine-embroidered onto water-soluble fabric, before appliquéd onto to printed fabric.


I´m so happy to be working with these wonderful women, filled with knowledge about our local history. And they make a great viking-stew too! :-)

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Øyfjord and Øysund

By spotogspindel | July 12, 2014

Bømlo brønnbåtservice are Christening two new ships today: Øyfjord and Øysund, and two of their suppliers wanted to give them gifts on the big day. One picture for each ship from both of them.


“Våt på beina, tørr i håret”, (Wet feet,dry hair) 40×50 cm 

The ship-owners are from Alvsvåg, where these two sea-houses are situated.


“Sveve over vatnet” (/Floating above water), 40×50 cm

Since all three companies are local, my customers wanted local motifs in the pictures. Below is Siggjo, the volcano-shaped mountain you can see from all over the island.


“Siggjo song” (/Siggjo sings) 40×50 cm

I am sure the people working onboard will be happy with their brand new workplaces, and hopefully the pictures will contribute to making them feel at home.


“Lykkeleg på Lykling”/(Happy in Løkling), 40×60 cm

Good luck to the crew on both ships! May you rule the underwater-world!

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Skandi Iceman video presentation

By spotogspindel | July 10, 2014

If you´ve ever wondered about these ships that I keep telling you about. Click on the video below with a presentation of Skandi Iceman. It gives a better impression than I ever could, of exactly how awesome these great vessels are!

Skandi Iceman is owned by DOF, the world´s largest offshore shipping company.  I am humble and immensely proud to have been chosen to work with them on so many of their ships! You can even see some of my art-work in some of the rooms here.

Here is a link to all the artwork I have onboard.

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By spotogspindel | July 9, 2014


My favorite season is any and every day with 20 degrees+

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