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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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write an opera!

By spotogspindel | October 22, 2014

Write an opera in 4 weeks! Based on the fantasy-book “The Shamer´s daughter”, the teacher-students at HSH in arts and craft and in music  are working together in this project. The process is quick, but thorough. Lots of things going on at all times. We are 3 teachers, guiding the 40 students through the creative process.


The first week was about general information and creative ideas. We´re already in the second week, and this week it´s time to get to work! My 8 arts and crafts students are in charge of costumes, set, props, makeup, poster and program. Above Leif Kristian is taking measurements for the costumes.


And Signe is efficiently cutting styrofoam into blocks to use in part of the set. The story is set in a parallel universe, which strongly resembles our middle ages, with big stone-castles, dungeons and dragons! So obviously we need to make at least part of the stone-castle. Below Victoria, Lene and Signe are learning tricks of the trade in making a big, sturdy and life-like castle-look-alike!


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The self-proclaimed colorist!

By spotogspindel | October 21, 2014

Report from Pippi-land: The house is getting most of it´s details in place. It´s taken some time, but I thought it might be worth it once I started painting.


Which I did tonight! What a yummy palette to play with! Pippi´s house is yellow, and since we are builing a small version, with twisted proportions (and just because I love playing with mixing colors) I wanted to use the colors as part of the optical illusion of a much bigger and longer house.


Quite yellow in the front, gradually getting darker, from a pink-rusty color to cinnamon-purple. And all the while, when I am painting, I am thinking, “I am a colorist!” I love color. Simple as that.


I had already made the windows, so once the walls had their color, I could add the green windows. It´s starting to look like a pretty cool home, huh?!


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the big book

By spotogspindel | October 17, 2014

“I like big books, and I cannot lie… trall-la-la-la-la…”


If you´ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I make my own calendar-books. This time I wanted to go up a bit in size to a 15×20 cm (ca 5×7 inches). A big, bold and beautiful girly-girl on the front cover. The back-spine is red leather.


And the inside is made of a Teesha-inspired binding. All the pages are pre-painted before binding, including a lot of collage as well. Ready bound it´s about 7 cm/3 inches thick. It covers the end of October to the end of May., so about half a year. It would simply be too big to carry around if I´d added any more months into it.


To keep it from fanning out, I´ve added a ribbon to tie it together when traveling.


The back is decorated with a bird. It started out as a raven, but I think it might have developed into a tropical bird of some sorts. In short he needed some color :-)


I´ve used a lot of collage-sheets from ARTstronauts by Theesha and Tracy Moore. Totally worth subscribing to their website art-club. Below is one of the pages, already starting to fill up with engagements.


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By spotogspindel | October 12, 2014

This weekend is the big birdhouse-day! The art-guerilia is had a creative family-get-together on Saturday where we´ll all make birdhouses. Sunday, we´ll take a walk in nature and hang them all up, inviting the birds to move in.


This is my birdhouse. My Dad built it for me (Times are so busy!) and I decorated it. I decided to use petit-point embroidery. Sewn with woolen thread, I have heaps of these old embroidered crafts lying around, waiting for me to get to work on my next big creative adventure. Just need to get some work done first. Above it is still work in progress. Using wood-glue, I stuck down the textiles and pinned them in place until it was all dry.


Open day at the culture house. I think there must have been 60-70 people there. We ran out of material, and had to get more.


Such a good thing to see, generations building something together. The parents helped, and the children got to hammer the houses together, and paint of course!


Some of the finished inspirational houses.


This boy worked so concentrated with his painting, he was just fascinating to watch :-)


A few of the finished houses, airing for the paint to dry before they are hung in the trees by the tour-trail in Stongervåg.

Now even the birds have designer homes! ;-)

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Pippi´s house, day 1

By spotogspindel | October 8, 2014

For the theatre show Pippi in Haugesund Theater, opening November 1st, I am making a little house.


Ok, so this is the wooden skeleton of the house. It´s about 4 feet tall, and to make it look like a proper children´s book house it needs some work. We´ve already twisted most of the angles, to make it look crooked, nd bigger than it actually is.


I´ve gotten a pile a book-binding cardboard, and am covering the  whole house almost in this. It will make it so much more credible as a house, and give me a lot of extra help for free once I start painting :-)


The chimney is an exception. I want it to look like it´s bricks, so I am covering it in plaster. No bricks yet. They might come. Or I might just paint them on. We´ll see.


At the end of the day today. It does´t look like I´ve done much. But I have figured out the angle and sizes of both the panels on the walls and the slates on the roof. My electric stapler called it a day way before I wanted to go home, so I will have to get  new one before I continue.

This is already so much fun! I love building stuff! (Although in all fairness, John Olav actually built it, I´m just decorating it)

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Pippi´s house

By spotogspindel | October 7, 2014


For Pippi Longstocking, I have my work cut out for me: making a model of her house! A sturdy one, that she can climb and dance on. 4 feet tall. My colleague, John Olav, has done the wood-work, now it´s my turn the next couple of weeks to make it actually look like her house. I´m very excited about it! This will be fu! I´ve wanted to build a house since I was a kid. Here´s my chance! ;-)

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By spotogspindel | October 5, 2014

I visited my friend Nina the other day. She´s a professional felt-maker, and has published several books on the subject._MG_9722

She makes incredible and colorful landscapes in the her felted work. Patterns and colors melting into each other.

_MG_9728NinaFiltmaker is her web-site. I really like these loose neck-capes. Like a big necklace, but warm :-)


Yet another thing to explore one fine day! :-)

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new homes

By spotogspindel | October 5, 2014

Earlier this week I went back to Tau to take down the exhibition that´s´´been there the past month. But not all the pictures are coming back home with me. Here are some of them.


“You can´t see the forrest for the trees”(ca 15×20+passepartou and frame cm), Acrylic paint on watercolor paper and oxidized brass. The lady who organized the Tau-exhibition bought this picture, so I know this little piece came to a good home!  :-)


“On her high horse”. There is an art-lottery every year at Tau, and every exhibitioner gives one picture to the lottery. The boy who won first place, got to choose among all the pictures donated. And he chose my lady on her high horse. How good to know she is wanted!


Another picture from Tau, the old mill, also found a new home.


It´s a bit late, but here is a interview in the local paper regarding this exhibition.

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Poster art-exhibition

By spotogspindel | September 29, 2014


A new art-exhibition is on it´s way in Bømlo Art Group, and as usual I made the poster. This time the artists are Helene Nielsen and Norunn Fresvig. It´s looks quite intriguing, don´t you think? The art, I mean.

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painting with the coolest kids

By spotogspindel | September 29, 2014

Painting with my niece and nephew, who just happens to be two of the coolest kids I know!_MG_9686

It looked so much fun, that when I got back home, I started my own painting-project: my new calendar-book. This time a little different again. Making all the pages separately first, then sewing them together, first in bundles, and finally as a book. But I haven´t gotten that far yet. _MG_9700

Saturday night, after I´de been out, just doodling a little bit, and all of a sudden it´s 2:30 in the morning! “Just-for-fun”-painting can do that to you! So you´d better be careful, and consider sports instead ;-)

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