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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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By spotogspindel | May 7, 2018

Only a few days in Amsterdam this time. But I had time to meet up with colleagues from Holland and make some GSO-plans. I also had the time to visit MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and got to see a great Lichtenstein and Banksy-exhibition.

After seeing all the colorful graffiti in Brazil and Chile, it was interesting to see Banksy´s colorfully sober, yet politically at times explosive art.

Amsterdam is so charming! I haven´t been here for a couple of years now, but it is still incredibly…  charming! Next year our youngest will be studying here, so I will get plenty more chances to go 😀

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By spotogspindel | May 6, 2018

I´ve only seen a small part of Chile: Antofagasta. I am here on my GSO-tour, to hold workshops in GSO eco-design (courtesy of HVL) . Antofagasta is one of the most exotic places I´ve visited. Exotic as in strangest. The people here are sweet and nice and have taken such good care of me, and meeting the young girls has been a delight. But the place itself. Maybe it´s because I have read so much about sustainability lately, maybe I wouldn´t have felt the same way five years ago. But this is now. And Antofagasta, with its 300 000 inhabitants, is Chile´s 4th largest city. The landscape is the Pacific ocean on the one hand, and the driest desert in the world on the other hand.

This barren, alien land is the Earth´s equivalent to the moon or Mars, and it is where ESA and NASA come to test out equipment before actually sending it into space. This strip of land, where there hardly is any natural life, a few birds and fish of course, penguins and seals, but hardly any land-animals or flora. Everything is imported and hence artificial in the sense not-belonging-here-naturally. This includes the people of course. A large city, with an equal large need of food, water, resources. To be fair, the temperature is perfect, so there is probably not much need for heating or cooling. But everything else. Not to mention the amount of water needed to keep the city going. The few green trees and bushes planted here (also in constant need of water), are not nearly enough to absorb the CO2 omitted by all the cars. The gentle breeze probably carries it away, and the city doesn´t seem polluted, nor particularly dirty. It´s just… I can´t shake the feeling that this is a clear  example of human nature exploiting nature.

The place is bursting with natural minerals: gold, silver, copper, onyx, marble, and so on. And that is the reason for all these people living here. It´s a bustling mining-town. Man comes in, takes what he wants, leaves what he doesn´t bother to deal with, and nature is the silent looser. This is a town with a negative legacy, speaking in sustainability-terms. It´s not particularly healthy for its inhabitants either. The ozone-layer is thin here, and they hold a world record in cancer-cases. The water and air is polluted, not only with CO2, but with lead and even arsenic. My hosts, who have lived here for 20 and 35 years however, love it. They have gotten used to the place, love their ocean-view, and have good friends and colleagues. It´s a place well-worth visiting, but by all means, if you´re staying outside for more than 15 minutes: use a sun-block!

Nevertheless, Chile banned the plastic bags a couple of months ago, and is such ahead of Norway. Also, I just learned that Chile is soon to be leading in renewable solar-energy, with miles of panels in the desert. I could see them from the plane actually.

But let me take a pause from my pondering, and present some of all the wonderful things I did see and experience! Above are my wonderful new friends. The stage-manager, the choreographer and the costume-desinger of the Fatima dancers of Antofagasta.

My host is the GSO-contact in Chile. She leads her students into your conciseness via a fusion of mysterious moves inspired by the orient, classical ballet, tango and even samba. An elegant teacher, trying to teach her girls self-respect in a still patriotic society. Her girls are a bouquet of shy and giggling girls, of bold and happy girls, of gracious and graceful girls. On stage in shiny costumes, posing with one foot in front of the other, off stage chatting, taking selfies, eager to meet new people, try new things, experience life to the fullest. Below, you can see them dancing.

Beautiful girls, every one of them, and I am so glad I got to meet them, to see them perform, to talk with them, to work with them in the workshops. They are eagerly planning this year´s choreography with their teacher: they will be mermaids and jelly-fish, and they are brainstorming how to include the ocean plastic pollution into the scenario.

A mesmerising detail at the local culture-night with traditional dance and song: the cowboy-boots with some serious spikes!

One of our field-trips went to Eco-Rayen, a privately owned and made center, where everything is built using recycled materials.

Like Sully from Monster Inc. here. Made from plastic Christmas-trees.

We also visited a small village where the Geo Eco Aventur was working to take care of the ancient nature where natives had lived over 5000 years ago. Such a knowledgeable man and such an interesting tour.

Brilliant idea: Every supermarket has a tailor in a kiosk by the entrance/exit. For smaller jobs, you can bring your clothes for a 1-hour fix. So while you are shopping your dinner, a tailor is mending your jeans. How great an idea is that?!


This trip has been my first visit to the Southern hemisphere, and my countries-visited map now looks like this:

Which country should be next on my wish-list?

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By spotogspindel | May 1, 2018

It´s been a dream for years, of course, going to Brazil. This big, bold and beautiful country. Expecting all senses to be on overload, with the music, the vibrant colors, the rich nature, the spices… And to a large degree, I was right. Even though I came AFTER the carnival,…

… and the food is mildly spiced, it was still an impressive place for the senses.

Though some might argue I didn´t really see Brazil at all, only visiting the South with Rio de Janeiro and Campos and not the Amazon. First day in Rio, I joined an organized tour to see some of the sights, and first stop of course was Christ the Redeemer. The drive up to him, was fascinating: going through the city, the favelas…

… and finally what seemed like the rainforest, with lush, green life growing both horizontal and vertical, it seemed. SO beautiful!

Christ the Redeemer was built in the 10930s, and he´s quite impressive standing … feet tall with his eternal blessing. He did seem a bit quiet, I admit, but maybe he was just disappointed that his guests seemed more interested in taking selfies, than reflecting on Him. Or even admiring the view.

Another stop on the tour, was this colorful, tiled stairs:

There is a surprising amount of graffiti and street-art in South America.

In Rio, the real hero is #kobra, who made these amazing portraits in the museum-area. Luckily I got to see them before heading for the airport.

Some of the incredibly cool architecture in Rio:

The real reason for visiting Brazil, was not to do a sightseeing-tour of Rio, but to attend the 11th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics as the representative for the Global Science Opera.

Along with a hand-full of other guests, much more prominent than myself, I was picked up and chauffeured to Campos and set up in a new hotel there. I´ll let you in on a secret: astro-folks are really cool people! Such fun and interesting to be with! Brazil has several astro-physics clubs connected to schools, and several of them participated in this conference, some of them even presenting real scientific research of importance. Hands down, I was so impressed! One young man even got an asteroid named after himself, because he was the one who discovered it! Now that is pretty cool, if you ask me! My humble contribution to the scene was an introductory presentation of the GSO and of eco-design. I also held a mini-GSO-workshop.

And I got to visit the – school! This school does such important work, offering their students both food for thought, soul and even stomach! The teachers do an amazing job here, clearly, as the students are so talented! It was a joy to visit and see how they worked. I did a mini-mini eco-design workshop here too with some of the kids. After only a couple of days in Campos, I made some beautiful friends, whom I feel so grateful for meeting!

A well-known sight! Three DOF-ships in the Rio de Janeiro-harbour!



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Textile not-so-fun facts

By spotogspindel | May 1, 2018

These pow-posters are part of the Undress My Ego exhibition:


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By spotogspindel | April 30, 2018

It´s almost fascinating how intimidating three small letters might seem. But it is the truth. This summer I applied for a phd, and in January, I got the job. April 1st was the official start-date. So the next four years, I will be working at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. My research will, in short, be connected to educational interdisciplinary projects between science and arts, and I will be looking at if and how creativity is effected when implementing the concept of sustainability into a design-process. Very interesting, and I´m really looking forward to it. And pretty intimidating too, I´m not really a natural-born academic, so I know it will be ALOT of work.


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The boys in the Christmas-tree-house

By spotogspindel | April 30, 2018

Yet another exciting, upcoming project. This time I am the costume-designer:

With 238 days till Christmas, I am sure you are continuously asking yourself: How do Andy and Terry celebrate Christmas in their Treehouse?

Well – come to Kilden and find out!

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton are writing this brand new story for Kilden Teater! This will be the best Christmas ever – unless the evil snowman gets his way!

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Fish 2 Mars

By spotogspindel | April 30, 2018


Why “Fish to Mars” the metal science opera?

Impact. Using two of Bergen’s specialties, marine science and metal music, to convey large themes about life and our place in it. Using opera to dramatize characters or points of view,  on a sci-fi story so we can comment on real science without being dated. The Aquarium because it is a non-political public contact point. And because it is a great opera! True science.

Premiers 22 May at 1900, the Aquarium

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By spotogspindel | March 8, 2018

The international Women´s day this year was celebrated in a special way I´ve been wanting to do for years: Together with my good friends Ida Fugli and Sara Birgitte Øfsti, we opened our exhibition ”Undress my Ego”. Stord Art group invited us to use the art-exhibition room in Stord Culture-house. Here are some photos from the exhibition and the opening.

Undress my ego is an exhibition where we look at the textile industry, what clothes means to us, and how difficult it sometimes is to be sustainable, when you really want to look smashing too!

After this winter´s #meetoo-campaign, by embroidered bra got a new level of meaning.

above: “Black belt in shopping”


Above is a model of part of the human genome, where scientists recently discovered the shopping-gene. It was easily recognisable due to the golden glittery sparkle of the surface.

“The navel-viewer” is perfect for anyone who thinks the outside-world is too much to handle.

Part of a large textile work, illustrating all the textile fibers in the world.

Sara Birgitte Øfsti told the facetted story of the garment industry, from the factory-worker to the fashionista.

Ida Fugli had a performance picturing the human need to escape un-comfort.


For more from the exhibition, click here. 

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By spotogspindel | March 2, 2018

Milos Forman´s  famous film with Jack Nickolson in the lead is set in the 1950´s in a mental asylum. I recently read it was his settlement with the former communist leadership of his native country. The theatre-play is equally important and sharp in it´s critique, but filled with humor. Bømlo Teatre staged this production with an all amateur cast. Still, I honestly have to say that it was, hands down, a very good production, in my opinion, much due to the quality of director. Some of the best actors were the ones without lines at all. Being on stage more or less for two hours, not saying a word, and still stealing the show. Now that´s good acting!

My assignment in this production was as scenographer and I wanted to make a sustainable production as possible.

For the set we built two small stairs, used stage-elements as a base for the “office”. The two major visual features are two big metal-frames, which was especially made for another Bømlo teater production. The back frame was filled with TV screens. We borrowed a big one form a local shop, and the smaller ones I got from a marketing-firm who had a ware-house clean-up and gave them to me for free. The three big benches are already at the culture-house, but we upholstered them with white fabric. The floor was covered with white dancing-mats we borrowed from the local dance-group. Apart form the fabric for the benches, the only new investment was white fabric for the side-carpets. And long, white strands fabrics can be used again and again for several productions.

The costumes were reused costumes from our production of Chess (2006) for the patients. The hired hands were dressed in official uniforms, all borrowed from the municipality.


Director – Runa Våge Krukhaug

Scenography/costume-design – Janne Robberstad

Lighting-/video-design – Axel Sundbotten


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By spotogspindel | February 21, 2018

Haugesund Teater´s version of the Jungle Book (or Mowgli) premiered last night. This version is slightly different from the original written by Rudyard Kipling. The animals grow more and more weary as Mowgli grows and gains more and more power and can control their fate. As humans have entered their forest and changes it with their exploiting nature, Mowgli´s quest for fun and adventure evolves into a search for identity and character.


Director: Linn Olsen

Scenography and light- and video-design: Reidar Richardsen

Costume-design: Nell Knudsen

Make-up: Unni Jørgensen

Music: Avtalt Spill

My main job in this production was as props-manager, but  also helped sew parts of the costumes.

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