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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Weekend work

By spotogspindel | February 6, 2016

A whole weekend to myself – great opportunity to get some projects finished!


First, finish the knickers to go with my lacy bra (freestyle machine embroidery). I´ve borrowed a see-through mannequin for the exhibition, and need to make the knickers big enough to fit! (The white fiber is the water-soluble fabric being fitted)

Ok. Done!


Second, use one of the embroideries that was stiffened by glue directly on the back (and therefore couldn´t be used for the cubes) to top a little coffetable. My uncle made this when he was quite young and in school. I found it in the attic and asked if he wanted it back. I think it looks kind of cute now, don´t you?


Third, sew part of a set for a show in March. 3 pieces done, 3 to go… need more fabric.

There is more embroidery lying around on all the floors. Next project is piecing together the right pieces for a chair.

Today Norway is celebrating the Sami day. Sami are the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia.


Click the picture above and hear a real treat from Mari Boine, Norway´s #1 traditional sami artist. Seriously, listen to it, it´s great

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By spotogspindel | February 4, 2016


You can´t say my days aren´t varied, that´s for sure! Yesterday I was called into the theatre, asked to fix a big waffle. (I kept the chairs in the picture, so you can see the size). It´s a piece of a set bought from another theatre, but the colors were faded so much, it didn´t looked like it was baked(/fried?) at all. Above is a work-in-progress-photo, where I´ve added some more color. The pale waffle-pattern is just the tape to prevent the color from bleeding into the the wrong places. The fabric itself was quite worn in some places, and we were worried it would rip, so I used textile glue to fix it. I´ve never really used textile glue before, but it seem to work just fine. Normally I would have sewn it, but this waffle was WAY to big for my sewing machine…

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photoshoot at the museum

By spotogspindel | February 2, 2016


It´s still three months till the opening of my exhibition, but man! Time flies!!! There is so much left to do! Today we did get to tick one of the boxes though. We had a photo-shoot at the museum, to have pictures for the poster. I had excellent help from Helen (photos) and Miriam (styling). Thanks!

It´s going to be no less than a thrill to actually put the exhibition together in this big space. :-)

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By spotogspindel | January 29, 2016

You may have heard of the traditional Norwegian bunad or folk costume. It is a costume used for special occasions, our independence day, weddings, maybe Christmas and other big days.

Alongside the bunad, there is the knitting tradition, with all it´s patterned jackets and sweaters. The tradition is equally long, and sometimes they overlap (like in the Setesdalsbunad for men). Knitting as a popular craft has had it´s ups and downs the past generations. When my Mom was young, it was more of a necessity, now we have enough money to buy ready-made from the stores.


Still, the tradition won´t die, and now it´s riding a high wave of popularity. Old patterns are copied and get new life. It´s like a whole slow-fashion movement, an alternative to the low-cost, multinational industry.

This evening I attended a traditional knitting event at the library. A small venue, but with an interesting talk by an author who´s spent years gathering old patterns and making a whole community around the interest of the “kufta” (norwegian name for knitted jacket).

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By spotogspindel | January 25, 2016

Winter and snow, workshops and family. It´s been (and is) a busy month! All of a sudden we had snow, and the kids next door made a fireman-snowman in my garden.


And talking of snow, a visit to Voss with -24 degrees. So cold you can hardly breathe. This is truly a country for those with special interests. I´m not so sure I´m one of them. Even though it is beautiful.


But most of the time in Voss I was indoors, attending a workshop in Textiles and how the textile industry affects the environments. So interesting! There is so much I need and want to learn.


We also visited Mølstratunet (Voss Museum), where this beautiful handmade skirt is. Hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-sewn… partly ikat-dyed, partly tartan-patterned, warm reds mixed with lilac-mauve. From around 1850-1900, and so cool. Wouldn´t it be awesome to be able to master all these skills?!

My mind is spinning around my Master-thesis, on what to work with. I have some ideas, and am gathering as much information as possible before I have to decide. Again, so many thing I need and want to learn!


On a more private note: this beautiful little girl was Christened this weekend. My second grandchild is such a joy to be around.

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Veidekke at the Heathhouse

By spotogspindel | January 7, 2016

Back in Haugesund, I finally had the time to stop by the Health house, and have a look at my two new pieces there. On behalf of the constructor, I was asked to make art as a gift from them to the owners, to be placed in the house. I made these two pictures from old Haugesund, picking up the color-scheme from the staircase. The pictures are placed near the entrance on the 2nd floor.


Both are printed on a textile, which is stretched over a light-box. So in the day, they look like ordinary pictures, but at night, magically, they look like lamps!



I am so proud to have been honored by this commission!

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a student´s companion

By spotogspindel | January 6, 2016


A new year, a new semester, a new knowledge to be read. Accompanied with a big cup of jasmine tea from China. The cup itself is reason to smile: made by my dear ARTing-friend Michelle Allen. She makes fun&quirky & colorful art HERE. You´ve got some free time in February? There might still be places in her workshop. I wish so bad I could go, she and Sunny are SO much fun to ART with!!

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A window towards tomorrow

By spotogspindel | January 5, 2016


A new year, new hopes and wishes. What will 2016 bring? Like most other years, both good and bad. I need to remember that bad things that happen in the world doesn´t mean that all is bad, and that I can do much in my own little world and for the people around me, by doing good, by thinking before becoming annoyed, by giving compliments…

My world wish is traditional: peace! It is optimistic to think all terror will stop, but I do hope sincerely that terror-groups will be stopped, and that a better option will occur for all parties. What lies behind the window towards tomorrow, and what can I do to make tomorrow a better place?

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Dizzy days off

By spotogspindel | January 4, 2016

My sister Astri and my very own tradition, is for me to help her wrap gifts in her store the day before Christmas. We´ve been doing this for a decade now. This is the last time however, as she will close down her store. (She´ll still have the web-shop). So now we are busy thinking about a new tradition to start next year. Maybe make our own Christmas-sweaters? Design and sew… that could be fun 😀


Our Christmas-tree this year had such soft branches, I didn´t dare hang the ornaments I treasured the most, in fear of breaking them. All the light glitter-bulbs are at the bottom, as the kids were very eager to help! It´s looking kind of sad here, next year will be better!


Edvard, almost 4, has learned that sharing is a good thing. And at Christmas, when the gifts are so many you can hardly see the floor, it is a specially welcome notion. But I smiled when his little sister got a new baby-doll with clothes, and he very understandingly and warmly expressed “We can share!”. Such a gift to share their Christmas, and all their “first-times”.


A bunch of little “nisse” (traditional Norwegian santa) visiting on New Years eve. Traditionally, Norway dosn´t celebrate Halloween, but “å gå julebukk” (literary: to walk Christmas-goat) was done some time between December 26th and January 6th. The kids, dressed up (not in fancy costumes, but in homemade gear) knock on doors, sing a Christmas song or two, and are rewarded with candy. This year we had a big group of 12 kids come to sing for us :-)


New years we spent with dear friends. The whole day went into making dinner and fireworks (Yes, it´s illegal, but no, we´re not breaking the law, because my man is a certified pyro-man).


Isn´t it typical, when you´ve been very busy: the minute you take time off, you get the flu?! Two weeks of quiet and relaxing days, with movie-watching, knitting, eating and did I mention relaxing?

But, now it is time to start up again, and even though I still have the flu, my battery is fully charged. A week ago, I couldn´t go to sleep for hours, because there were so many ideas running through my head! I planned what to do for my one of my exams this summer, and how to celebrate my birthday in 3 years time…

My blogging this fall has been slow, I know. I don´t do new-year resolutions, but maybe I´ll have to try to be more consistent with the posting.

In any case: I do wish you a wonderful and peace-filled new year!

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Skandi Acu

By spotogspindel | December 29, 2015

DOF s newest multipurpose-ship is almost ready for the seven seas! And just before Christmas I was onboard to decorate the mess and all the cabins onboard. This is another HUGE ship (it´s sister won the Ship of the year-award 2015 in Norway), and it will be based out of Brazil. Acu I believe is a place in Brazil?


The mess had little wall-space, but the head of purchase wanted a relief of the ship itself on the wall there. So here is a metal downsized copy of the ship. (The big crane will be mounted this spring in the Netherlands.)

There are four big state cabins. The Captain choose a sail-ship for his room.



The theme for the ship was Brazil, carnival and samba, so for the three other big cabins that´s just what I tried to play with.







All the other cabins have smaller series-pictures in them, here are a few of them, inspired by Brazil and the richness of the country.










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