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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Almost ready…

By spotogspindel | September 29, 2015

The past two days I´ve been in Haugesund, at the new Health-house, putting up artwork on the walls and in the ceiling!


On the 7th floor is the cantina for all the employees. Two long walls are covered with windows, I thought I´d add a little bit of a view on the 3rd and 4th wall too.


At the main entrance, I´ve designed a frosted foil with a silhouette of Haugesund. As you can see, not everything is in place yet. They open October 1st, and that´s when I´ll show you all the pictures of how things have turned out :-)

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painting the library

By spotogspindel | September 25, 2015


The pieces of the set are being built, and we´ve started the paint job. They´re fake, as you can see, stanced out in plastic. Painting all the books is gonna take some time. All in all there´s eleven full shelves like this, and then some more with real books. I think we´ve got our work cut out for us the next couple of weeks 😉

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The Girly-girls in Fitjar

By spotogspindel | September 22, 2015

I´ve had the best day! Visiting Fitjar High School and the 9 students in the senior year in Arts and crafts. We spent the whole day together, sewing and chatting. I brought my girly-girls with me, and they all made their own bags, Almost everyone nearly finished… If we´d had another half an hour and some more bias-tape, I think we would have gotten it all done.


It was a bit hectic towards the end, so I only have one close-up photo. I think this might be the girl who was closest to finishing, with only the bottom of her bag left. Two of them made this big bag, the rest made passport-purses. But never mind not completely finishing! The important thing was learning new techniques with the sewing machine (freestyle machine embroidery) and many of them met the serger/overlock for the first time too! And the really fun thing is how personalized everyones girls became. Some of them had a truly unique style.


Such lovely students! I really hope to see them again :-)

I just have to express how happy I am to meet young people who choose to study arts, crafts and textiles! It truly warms my heart!


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Pauline, Moira´s daughter

By spotogspindel | September 19, 2015

Early this spring I got an assignment from author Rigmor Moss to do the graphic work on the cover of her newest book. Anita Våmartveit, a really talented illustrator from Bømlo, has done the painting. My job was finding an illustration for the spine, (a photo I took of an entrance to an old stave-church) and puzzle it together.


Not a big, time-consuming job, but non-the-less very fun.  And as always, it´s pretty nice to see the end-result. Which arrived in the mail just the other day. I´ve still only had time to read the first 10 pages or so, so I can´t tell you much about the contents yet. Below is the flat version of the complete cover.


I am currently working on a cover for her new book.

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Ready, set…

By spotogspindel | September 17, 2015

The guys have started building the set!


It´s less than a month till opening night, so it´s about time, you´d think. But no worries, these guys know what they´re doing, and they do it well. In 4 weeks we´ll have a complete 2-story library in the culture-house, filled to the rim with adventures. It does feel good to know that they´ve started thought, as I play a pretty big role in the process myself, with plastering and painting as the bits get ready. And painting: includes most of the books in the library! Good thing I have some happy helpers with me, or I wouldn´t get any sleep the next month! :-)

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How to catch a mermaid

By spotogspindel | September 13, 2015

… by using a fish net made from silk sewn together by gold thread!


This is an exert of a bigger piece.

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ain´t no mountain high enough…

By spotogspindel | September 12, 2015

Well, this was not my average start of a Saturday: going mountain hiking. It´s no big deal really, the mountain is just 400 meters or so. But since it´s the only big mountain we have here on the island, it´s perfect for taking photos all around the island. Later I will try to merge them together into a 360 degree photo of Bømlo. ThenI´ll see if I can make some art with it :-)


Have a lovely weekend!

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3D printing

By spotogspindel | September 9, 2015

Well this is something I´ve never done before! Two weeks into my Masters and I am trying to learn a new computer program in 3D modeling. Being an old lady, it´s taking it´s time 😉 But the fun part is, when I get it right, I can actually print the design in hard plastic in a 3D-printer! Cool…


My thoughts are that I am not used to thinking at all about what I can create in plastic! Normally when I think of plastic, I am annoyed by how much plastic-wrapping there is around everything. So now I have to open up my mind and think in a brand new way. Which is always useful!


Here, the 3D machine is at work. It can make objects of about 20x20x20 cm, but it starts off making a base.


Look at this cute, little box! It´s the prettiest little hard-plastic-box I´ve ever seen! That´s for sure 😉 Next session I hear is making a vase! Phew! This is exciting!

You think I can make myself new glasses??

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new project(s)…

By spotogspindel | September 8, 2015

Today included a professional photo-shoot for a theatre poster. “Pieta” will be staged in a hotel-suite (!) in the beginning of December. I´ll be in charge of costumes and props. We won´t start working with it for weeks yet, but it´s always exciting to be in the starting pit of a project, especially with nice people like here!


And the fabric below? It will slowly turn into a big textile wall-hanging. Or maybe I should say, my own self-made fabric.


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The new lace curtain

By spotogspindel | September 7, 2015

The family lace panel is finally finished!


It is ca 40x80cm  and took about 1800 meters of thread. Above you can see the embroidery all done, and below, I´ve used water to remove the soluble fabric. I´ve used a sea-green tulle between the layers of soluble fabric, to make sure the stitches stay where they are supposed to. Working with a see-through one-colored pattern like this, it is essential, to make the faces stay as they are, and not change expression and shape.


I am happy with how it turned out. Quote a lot of work, but well worth it! I have to find a good way of displaying it, once it goes on the exhibition. Still plenty of months till that.

So this is my entire family from my Grandmothers side: children, their spouses, children, children´s spouses, grandchildren, grandchildren´s spouses and great-grandchildren! The intricate lace pattern, where the faces overlap each other, is in a way a symbol of how people interact and are involved in real life.


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