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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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making an exhibition

By spotogspindel | April 29, 2016

My two invaluable co-producers of the exhibition. We´ve spent the whole week together, puzzling the the exhibition together piece by piece.


Trine (above) is the producer of this exhibition, and Jane (below) is the director of the museum. None of them reluctant to getting their hands dirty, as you can see. :-) Wonderful and welcoming people, the kind it´s a delight to cooperate with!


Everything is in place now. Almost. Just got a little bit of last-minute embroidering tonight and we´ll be all set 😉

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It is art

By spotogspindel | April 28, 2016

The kids from Sveio Art-school had a creative filed-trip to Leirvik to make art!


Det er kunst directly translates to it is art. Their teacher was inspired by the upcoming embroidery-exhibition, and taught the kids to embroider cross-stitch directly onto the park-bench-chairs. And the result is SO cool!


The kids are from 8 to 16 years, and everyone participated. Mona Lisa is making sure the quality is top-notch! And Magritte is also represented with his pipe.


Some of the kids had embroidered before, but for most of them this was a first time. They all did so good. Working together, some of them on the same letter.


And the slogan, the kids came up with that too. Below are the three last remaining artists with the finished result. It certainly brightens up the shopping-street. And it is true: it is art!


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The art of curating

By spotogspindel | April 26, 2016

Making an art-exhibition is a pretty big job. The main part of it certainly being the making-process. But there are other, important parts as well. Like curating it, choosing which pieces to include and which to leave out, and where everything goes. (Especially when working with your own art when you have feelings connected to it). It can be exhausting with all the trying and failing. But oh-so-useful to learn. We´ve had several meetings, laying all the pieces out, trying to figure out a good placement-plan, discussing colors for the walls, and where to build a little stage. I have to admit, working with professional people in a museum is a true delight! They are so talented, dedicated and fun! And slowly things are coming together. This is exciting!


Below is a newspaper article about the exhibition. The title reads “This is how embroidery is going to survive”. No less.


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By spotogspindel | April 22, 2016

I´ve just had the best adventure! Talk about dream-come-true! I´ve made my very own glass! I mean, I´ve blown and shaped my own glass! That is just amazing! On the evening before our Master class-trip to Bergen, there was an introduction-workshop in glass-blowing at S12Galleri. Two hours, and only room for four people, which is the exact amount of people in the class. Talk about field-trip! O.M.G.


The oven is always burning (it takes about a week to cool down, and a week to warm up) at 1150 degrees centigrade, filled with liquid glass.

Me, undeniably excited, about to embark on a great adventure! 😀


First step was practicing getting the glass onto the steel-rod. Oh, it was hot in there! (For that reason alone, I should become a professional glass-blower! I´d never have to freeze again!)


Second step, was to add specks of broken, colored glass onto the blob. This would blend with the clear glas, and add color and pattern.


Third step, was to shape the blob of glass into a nice, round starting-point for a glass. In between, the glass was heated several times, to make sure the temperature didn´t drop lower than 700 degrees, or else it would break. And by all means, this is pretty impossible to do alone without excellent supervision from the professional artist-teacher.


I thought actually the most difficult thing was keeping the rod in a steady roll, to keep the glass in place and not drooping or dropping. And of course, when you blow, you don´t really see whats going on, so you had to just listen to the instructions. Not a lot of blowing actually. Surprisingly little and light blowing.


As I mentioned, we did have great help. Thomas the glass-blower (making sure the rod is always moving) and Anett, the assistant (making sure I don´t burn myself). Here I am making a mark, where the glass will be cut at the top.


After another round of warming up, I am widening the glass-opening, so that I can actually drink from it. (Does it look as fun as it was to experience?)


When I was satisfied with the shape, Thomas knocked on the steel-rod, and the glass came off and into his glove-covered hand, and then straight into an oven, which used the hight to cool down. That way it wouldn´t break because of a sudden temperature-shift.

Next day, we come back to collect our self-made glasses. I don´t know who of us were the proudest, but we all enjoyed the workshop immensely!


I feel like a mother: isn´t she a beauty!?! I mean, of course I can see, with my objectivity-glasses on, that she is chunky and crooked and all that, but to me, she is an absolute beauty, she is imperfectly perfect!

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a matter of perspective

By spotogspindel | April 21, 2016

We´ve been lied to. In School. For generations. We are all sure we know what the world looks like. We´ve seen it so many times. And then it turns out… it´s a lie. The proportions are completely contorted. THIS is much closer to the truth.


Why is it so? That we´re introduced the the other version? Is it because we feel that Europe and the US are more important than say, Africa or South America? Of course, the real truth, you´d need a globe to see, not a 2-dimentional square. But the point is, like with so many other things in life… it´s a matter of perspective. So here is my version:


My main thought with this picture though, isn´t the map per say. It is a nice symbol of how all our “truths” every once in a while should be turned upside down, to see if they still are real when we turn them back around again. Maybe, just maybe, we might discover some new truths.

I feel like I am in a process similar to this now, with my Master-studies in sustainability. The more I read, the more intriguing it is. I thought it might be depressing, with all the pollution. But it is even more uplifting to read about all the people making efforts, in all areas of life. I am sure I will be sharing more thoughts about this the next couple of years :-)


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suspended hipsters

By spotogspindel | April 20, 2016

Another hipster done.


I found this 60s suspender-briefs at a flee-market years ago, and they´ve been lying around just waiting for me to put them to use.


They are a bit to big for the mannequin, but hopefully you can see them all right.


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the little Eco-Ninja

By spotogspindel | April 19, 2016

Time to finish the little Eco-Ninja-costume! After a few alterings, this is what it will look like. It´s been so interesting to be a part of this process, an active part, contributing with both my knowledge of textile and costumes, but also about the sustainability of textiles. And my teaching-experience comes in handy too. You gotta love a project that stimulates all your interests!


Working with the stamps, one for each element.


Sewing the costume together.


The finished costume. It had to be kept super-easy, so you can make it even without much sewing-experience. So now the costume is a poncho-tunic with an emblem and a belt. The kids themselves will help stamp the elements on the emblem as they learn about the environment throut the theatre-project.


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hipsters suspended

By spotogspindel | April 18, 2016

How to make your very own hipster-knicker:


You take one pair of vintage suspender-knickers from the late 60s.


You find a couple of portrait-photos of some cool hipsters, and draw them onto the water-souble-fabric.


Sew. A lot. Freestyle machine embroidery. In a slightly darker color than the vintage fabric.


After the algaenat is gone, you´re left with the hipster on the hip. On the up-side: the hipsters are kinda cool. On the down-side: all the elastic in the elastic-bands turned up D.O.A. and need to be replaced. Also it is very difficult to transfer a design onto elastic fabric, without there turning up wrinkles in the strangest places.


All in all though, I think the hipsters are here to stay! 😉

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the embroidered car!

By spotogspindel | April 17, 2016


How fun is this?!

A go-kart-car was delivered on my doorstep yesterday, to be embellished with embroidery! All for the exhibition, and commissioned by the museum. Hopefully it will be an eye-catcher at the entrance. But before that, I intend to have a lot of fun making it! The car itself is made by Paul Venaas.


I´ve been collecting these embroideries from charity-shops for over two years now. Most of them I have been able to recycle into new textiles. But some of them have been glued down to cardboards before being framed. And some of the cardboard has stuck to the textile, when I peeled it off. I haven´t been able to use them… until now!


As you can see I use a lot of glue too, covering the wood in wood-glue/PVA-glue. That way the textiles really stick. Can´t have them falling off when the go-kart is speeding down a lane in a race!


I don´t know if you can see it, but the front is 3-dimentional, where the middle part is framed.


Ok, my part is done. I can hardly wait to see it mounted back together again!

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How to catch a mermaid

By spotogspindel | April 16, 2016


The new net is done, ready for mermaid-fishing. Lots of gold, powder-pinks and amber.

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