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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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I made the graphic design for this site:


By spotogspindel | December 4, 2016


I´ve forgotten to share this CV with you! My young friend Joakim Vikanes is a trained guitarist, and is currently taking his masters-degree at Guildford College of Music in London. (which means he´s really good!) When he made his solo-debut CD earlier this fall, he asked me to design the cover for him. What an honor! And it´s always such a thrill to see the finished product, packed and wrapped.



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Christmas at the museum

By spotogspindel | December 3, 2016


This weekend Sunnhordlan Museum are opening their doors, inviting to a pre-Christmas event. Exhibitions, activities and cafés… I was present during part of the opening hours at my embroidery exhibition. And to no surprise, the over-sized textile building blocks were once again an attraction among the children. I saw forts and towers, cottages and prisons being built. At one point, a young girl laid all the blocks out next to each other, and just lay quietly on top of them, relaxing and enjoying her alone-time, before a new group of kids joined her. Most of the kids played happily, though some really had a problem understanding the concept of “don´t throw” 😉

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Ghost Particles – the complete opera!

By spotogspindel | December 2, 2016


Finally, the complete broadcasting of Ghost Particles goes viral, and is accessible to everyone. By clicking on the picture above, you should be taken to a site where you can watch it. I´ve said it before, I´ll say it again: I am so proud to be part of this project!


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4 element costumes in use

By spotogspindel | November 30, 2016

The big final in the 4 elements project was a couple of weeks ago. Children from several kindergartens were gathered at the Vestnorske theatre-center to celebrate with a big party. So much fun to see all the costumes I made in use!



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Hook´s hooks

By spotogspindel | November 29, 2016

Did you think Hook only had one hook?!? Oh, no! He has several hooks, each with it´s own  purpose.


Two of them are presented here. Made by sawing off the stem of plastic glasses, drilling a hole at the bottom/top. Glueing on the “tool” of desire, in this case a salad-fork in brass and a “whipper” for a food-processor. Sanding them down, and adding either paint or leather.


I think this might add some fun to the story. Smythe is carrying Hook´s little hook-suitcase around with him, so Hook always has his “tool-supply” with him.

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How to sew an emblem

By spotogspindel | November 28, 2016

One of the Lost Kids in Peter Pan, is a former boarding school student. So he needs a proper school uniform. A dark bottle green blazer and matching skirt has been bought on eBay. I did want to add a little imagined school emblem on the blazers. A quick google-image-search provided the image, and I changed the school name to PAN 🙂


I freestyled the machine-embroidery. Basically using a zig-zag stitch of various width with the feed-dogs running at a button-hole-pace. I guess the freestyle is moving it along along a pre-drawn pattern with one hand on the width-button, gradually shifting as I sew along.


From a distance I think it will look convincing enough. Maybe a silly thing to spend time on, but interesting to explore the technique. And you know: it´s all in the details! 😀

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The pirate-flag

By spotogspindel | November 27, 2016

For Hook´s ship we need a proper pirate flag! I know they are for sale, printed pirate-flags very cheaply. But I didn´t want a pre-fabricated dime-a-dozen black-and-white pirate flag. I wanted a handmade one, in softer colors, with softer edges.


So I used a meter of plain, black cotton Then I made myself a “brush” by wiring down a piece of cloth on the wrong side of a brush (the top), and used chlorine to bleach the pattern onto the fabric. I did this in the morning, when the day was at it´s lightest, so I could work outside. Our barbieque-table with a glass table-top is still outside, and I wanted to work in fresh air while “painting” with the chlorine. Actually it´s the exact opposite of painting. The chlorine subtracts color from the fabric. The motif is around 2×2 feet I guess, and I am really liking both the warm colors-tones and the subtle edges. Again, I´ll have to wait till everything is in place to see where it should be, and then finish the edges.

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Peter Pan trailer

By spotogspindel | November 26, 2016


The trailer is here! In just a little over a week we start working full time with the cast. The show premiers January 26th at Haugesund theater.

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Accessories for warriors and diplomats

By spotogspindel | November 24, 2016

It´s the accessories that makes the outfit. At least to a certain degree. Peter Pan includes a number of characters, and as designer I am lucky enough to play around with how they will look. The pirates, for instance, are from all corners of the world. For one of them I made this leather shoulder-armor.


The leather is from cow and very soft so I´m using a cotton/fake suade as backing to make it a bit sturdier.


Still missing the buckles to fasten it. How annoying that stores don´t sell them anymore!

Another character is a very posh diplomat. In addition to his tailcoat, he needs a proper sash. This one is sewn from silk (lined with cotton for sturdiness), added yellow ribbons and once the medals are in place, there´s not much doubt. A senior and decorated diplomat visiting the house of Darling.


It´s often these little things that are the most fun to make. The armor I made up as I went along, gradually building the right shapes. It´s really fun seeing something take the form you are trying to achieve.

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streaming the opera

By spotogspindel | November 21, 2016

Saturday was the world premiere of Ghost Particles, an opera created in 20 countries all over the world. Coordinating the pre-recorded films and not the least all the live-streamings take a quick hand and a cool head. Luckily we were in good hands at TV Haugaland! Tor Håkon got us all smoothly through the delays on the streaming-lines.


Oded was talking on two phones at the same time, keeping it all together.


I was more just an observer, and it was quite exciting! Especially with three of the live-streams coming right after the other!



The opera was shown live and in repeat for 24 hours on TV Haugaland. There should be a link where you can see the opera on Youtube, it will be published later on today.


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