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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer, an artist, and a teacher, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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I made the graphic design for this site:

Advent 2019

By spotogspindel | December 1, 2019

Maybe you, just like me, really enjoy Christmas and want o make the most of this time of waiting – the advent.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to a post I wrote back in 2010-2011, where I basically aim to celebrate everyday, by noticing and appreciating what is around me. Feel free to use or to be inspired to make your very own advent calendar. This year I will do one of the things suggested each day, and you are welcome to following me on Instagram @spindelmaker where I will post my advent celebrations (click mandarin-photo for link).

But since I am here, let me share the first of December with you:

1. Yay! Finally! You can open the first present in your Advent-calender.

2. Find your Christmas decorations and decorate a little bit every day.

3. Buy fruits and make a big bowl of fresh fruit. Get mandarins! The smell is enough to get me in a Christmas-mood any day! And they taste so yummy!

4. Then invite friends over for a creative Christmas-making event. It might be a good idea to have this planned ahead, so everyone knows what to bring. (I have this one saved for tomorrow this year)

I appreciate comments on how you are celebrating your day! 😀

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By spotogspindel | May 20, 2019

“The summer-warmth on newly baked naked rock faces…” 80×120 cm

This is the picture that will adorn one of the walls at the new NAV in Bømlo (public social office). They just moved into a new location, and this was the commissioned gift from the builders. I am so honoured that people still think of me when they want art-gifts for major buildings. My mind has been pretty wrapped up in academia the past year, and I sorely miss being creative. Which is why little things like this make me so happy! Thank you Bømlo Storsenter! And congratulations NAV Bømlo with the new locations. I hope you enjoy the art.

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The Climate Reality Project

By spotogspindel | January 3, 2019

I simply cannot keep it a secret – I am so excited! I just got an email telling me I was accepted to join the Climate Reality Leaderships Corps training!

This is such a dream come true! I cannot believe how lucky I am. And at the same time, I am thinking about all that it implies, who I will meet, what I will learn, what it will mean for me and my future life, where my dedication will shine brighter and my passions burn higher. My everyday is now in teaching, in academia, in research and in international educational collaborations. But I also have a big engagement for the ocean and for textiles, to mention a few. And I see how I can use art as a way to express things – thoughts, feelings, worries, concerns and joys, that sometimes can be difficult to articulate with words.

The good thing is, engagement in trying to make the world a little better, doesn´t require limitations in dedication. I can use what I learn in all aspects of my life, my job, my passions. I can hardly wait until March!

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Christmas ornaments 2018

By spotogspindel | January 1, 2019

First: Happy new year!

This year´s Christmas ornament is a small bird-house. I totally admit to cheating, using pre-made paper-houses, and decorating them with salvaged wool needle-point embroidery. I added details in neon-pink, since the colors of the embroidery were quite muted. Below you can see photos from the process.

The knitted mini-mittens are in a way last year´s ornament, even though I made a bundle of them this year. They are such fun to make. It takes me about an hour, I guess to make one, including the thumb. Super-easy, super-cute and super-fast. Quite decorative, and I could argue that it is a tradition-reminder. Fewer people know how to knit now than when I was a girl. I believe there is a value of being able to make one´s own clothes. But this post isn´t about politics, it´s about enjoyment. So join me in enjoying the last day of the holiday, I am going back to work tomorrow.

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2018 review

By spotogspindel | December 31, 2018

January sparked off the year with props-making for Mowgli at Haugesund Teater, with a weeks intermission of visiting colleagues at Berkeley University. We tried to learn as much as possible about the sea, and made a pilot-project for Global Hands On Ocean!

February I´m still in Haugesund with Mowgli. Big Boss Blue (our wrasse) on the other hand, is on tour in Bergen, at the VilVite-senter, teaching kids about the affects of plastic pollution in the sea.

March was all about landing some big projects. Like One Flew Over the Coockoo´s Nest with Bømlo Teater:

And the Undress My Ego-exhibition arranged by Stord Art-group (Kunstforening):

In many ways, April was the first month of the year, as it was the first month of the next chapter of my life. The year´s biggest adventure was starting in my new position as a PhD-candidate. And it started with an amazing travel: Visiting colleagues in Brazil and Chile, holding talks and workshops in GSO and eco-creativity. I made it home just in time to participate in the Global Hands On Ocean pilot-project.

In May I celebrated my parent´s gold wedding anniversary together with the rest of my family on a long-weekend-trip to Bournemouth, England.

With June came summer, I even swam in the ocean a couple of times this year. My favorite day was with my family at my sister´s new swimming pool.

July started off with a big wedding in the US, and continued with a weeks workshop in Greece with the CASE-project: Creativity, Arts and Science in Education.

In August Rivers.Global is born!

In September I delivered art for the elderly in Etne:

In October I brought my 6 million stitches exhibition to Bryne:

And I celebrated my first 50 years! 🙂

November was spent mainly in Kristiansand, making a Christmas show at Kilden Teater. I had the costume-design for “The boys in the Christmas-tree-house

December´s biggest event is the world premiere of One Ocean Global Science Opera:



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One Ocean

By spotogspindel | December 21, 2018

This year´s Global Science Opera is all about the ocean, sustainability and climate change. Click on the poster and the fish will take you to the opera:

It´s the first production that has been my responsibility as production manager, and I am quite proud of the result. 18 countries participated this year (+10 in New York alone!), and all the hundreds of participating students seems genuinely engaged in the theme. The ocean is so important for so many people, and I think lots of us have an emotional connection to the “big blue”. The learning outcome for the participating students is as always our main focus, and many of them use their knowledge to build awareness around them.

A snapshot from the TV-studio with the “marine creatures” in front of a green-screen.

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The Boys in the Christmas tree house

By spotogspindel | November 30, 2018

The Boys in the Christmas tree house, by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, adapted to stage by director Birgit Amalie Nilsen, had it´s  world premiere at Kilden Teater in Kristiansand. I had the costume-design for this wonderful, imaginative, absurd and silly show. With an abundance of quirky characters, there was preferably no limit to our creative challenge. Below are some of the characters in the show, some photos taken by me, some by Kjartan Bjelland at Kilden.

Scenography by the amazing Camilla Lilleengen and Frode Holgersen. We talked about eco-scenography at the start of the process, and they incorporated sustainability in several forms in a lot of  their work. From using natural materials, salvaged materials, reusing and rebuilding things they found at charity-shops, to using non-toxic paints and remnant materials from previous productions.

I tried to do the same with the costumes. Using natural materials as far as possible, making clothes of high quality, that can be used again and again in both this and potentially other shows. We re-made things we found in charity-shops and in the wardrobe, both previous costumes and fabric-remnants and shoes.

But on to the characters:

Andy and Terry are trying to get everything ready for Santa´s visit on Christmas eve.

The preparations include knitting a super-expandable stocking so they can get at least 500 gifts each.

Pia, the animal-loving girl next door, who always has a solution.

Madam Besserwisser, who knows everything (but you still have to ask) and has a corset made of books.

A Ninja-snail, who moves so slow you can´t see it and always gets the job done.

Postman Per returns from the dead with a growling dog on his leg and a big, cold package to the boys.

The angry snowman just melted right down on the floor and all he left was an equally angry puddle.

Some of the 100 Santas that came out of the cloning-machine.

Is it a cat? Is it a canary? No, it´s… a CAT-NARY!

The ever-present penguin, with a wash-board-belly.

Pia is adminestering the rescue-operation.

Our anti-heros are trying to save the day, by dressing up as elves to deliver gifts to all the worlds kids.

Mr. Grevenese likes a good cup of cocoa by the fireplace.

The middle Grevenese-kid and Rudolf who can find the real Santa with his well-developed sense of smell.

Serina, the mer-creature, Terry´s big love, is angry and covered in plastic debris…

Professor Stupido, who wants to dis-invent the world.

The evil snowman-puddle has captured all our heros!

The evil Captain dressed in driftwood from his sunken ship.

Pia, in the latest haute couture from Paris´ Santa collection 2018!

Inspector Buble-wrap is the actual hero of the day!

Santa´s mother, comes to check up on her, in a steam-punk knitted outfit.  Here together with the oldest Grevenese-kid.

The super-expandable stockings are also super-absorbant, and absorbs the evil snowman-puddle.


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CREATIONS international conference

By spotogspindel | November 3, 2018

This week was the very last gathering for the CREATIONS project. “My” project, the Global Science Opera” is a flag-ship project in this giant EU-funded 3-year international collaboration. This was actually my first meeting with them, but I met some lovely people. Some I already knew, and some new friends and potential future collaborators.

While in Athens, we also had meetings with our dear partners in ScienceView. We discuss ed new projects, but most importantly, I got a good and through introduction to CASE. CASE stands for Creativity, Arts and Science in Education, and is an Erasmus+ project with 5 countries in collaboration: Lithuania, Ireland, Norway, Greece and the Netherlands.  This project I´ve been a part of since the beginning, but am taking over as the international coordinator from November 1st! Very exciting!

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Bremnes Ungdomsskule

By spotogspindel | October 21, 2018

Bremens has built a new middle-high school. I was asked to help design frosted window-foils, to shield the students and teachers from the traffic in the hallways outside the classrooms. Every one of the 21 classrooms has different names, all places in the Bømlo municipality. So each window has a different design. Here are a few of them.




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Etne omsorgssenter

By spotogspindel | October 15, 2018

I am very proud to have been selected as one of two artists to decorate the new-built care center for the elderly in Etne.

All three pictures are based on old photographs, kindly provided by the Etne Historical Group (Etne Historielag), the two first are form Etne, the last one is from Kyrping.

I really like this guy rowing. While making the picture, i thought a lot about who he was.

The colors are strong, to match the interior. It is almost all white, except an orange fond-wall and a dark staircase.

Unfortunately I don´t have any photos from the inside after the art came up on the walls yet.

Etne Omsorgsbustad, seen from the outside. Photo: etne.kommune.no

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