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Welcome to my site! I work as a costume-designer and an artist, and creating, or ARTING as I prefer, makes me happy! This is both a portfolio of things I´ve made and a blog meant to inspire.

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Winter starry sky

By spotogspindel | November 29, 2015


I did actually see stars the other day… but ´tis the season of rain, so that´s pretty much the deal. ( I don´t mind) Exam due-dates are closing in, and you´d think I´d spend every available moment studying. I´m not. This whole weekend I´ve been making art. I have a new ship to decorate just over new-years, so there´s no time to slack. Since I´ve been such a bad blogger this fall, I thought I´d share one of the pictures with you.

And while I´m at it, why not share my upcoming exhibitions in 2016! I just got another request today, that I couldn´t refuse :-)

February 27th – March 12 th: Volda and Ørsta Art Group (solo)

March 8th – April 1st: Stord Art Group: The International Women´s Day Exhibition (group)

April 30th – December 31st: Embroidery exhibition at Sunnhordland Museum (solo)

So many things to look forward to! And first of all: all of December. Which includes finishing exams, Christmas, quality time with friends and family, making gifts and just lots and lots of creative joy!


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The Beaverly Hills!

By spotogspindel | November 21, 2015

No, that is not a spelling mistake. I just wanted to share this commercial with you. I made the beaver-costumes years ago for Narnia, and earlier this fall, I was asked by an advertising company if they could use them in a commercial. Well, here is the result. Click the link, and you´ll see it:


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By spotogspindel | November 17, 2015

Anders, my nephew, turned 10 earlier this fall, and just like his sister, his birthday-present from his aunt (me) was a trip to London.


If you ever were in doubt: London is always a great place to go! (Carousel-selfie)


He had a whole list of things he really wanted to see and do: Big Ben, London Eye, Hamley´s (biggest toy-shop in the world), the M&M-store, the Rainforest Café, taking the underground train and riding a double-decker… (some of this he´d heard about from his sister)


My own list of thing I wanted us to see and do included going to a musical theatre-show (we saw Mathilda), visiting the Harry-Potter-studio (instead of Madam Tussaud), The Natural History Museum (which was great!) and finally… Pizza Hut! (which they don´t have in Norway)


The model of Hogworth was AMAZING! Actually, all of the Harry Potter-studio tour was amazing. I really want to back there, and spend a whole day there!

Such a great trip! Now it´s only 6 years until my next nephew turns 10! 😉

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not creative at all

By spotogspindel | November 11, 2015

Well, what do you know?! Studying for exams takes time! So if you´re wondering why I am so quiet, it´s simply because there is very little time to be creative. All my days are now focused on my 5 exams before Christmas. There is a surprising amount of theory for these practical subjects. It´s ok, but it takes some time for a last-century-woman like me to wrap my head around the new ways of writing.

But in between there are some nice surprises. Like the other day I was walking to lunch, and passed a woman sitting on a bench with a very familiar purse. :-) I don´t know the woman, never seen her before, but I just had to sneak-photo my girly-girl. It is truly a good feeling to see them being appreciated like this :-)


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Tonje Glimmerdal

By spotogspindel | November 7, 2015


The students at the HSH teacher college are finally ready to show what they´ve been working with the past three weeks.


My arts and crafts students were in charge of the set, the costumes, the makeup, the poster and the PR. Lots to do, but then again, with 25 students, there was a lot people to get it done too :-)


We even got a real camping-car inside the theatre!


The music-students made the music and the lyrics. The traditional folk-song they made was my favorite. Here it´s being sung inside a cave. Sort of. Sort of cave, I mean.


They also built the little house. Inside and outside, turnable on wheels.


The choir was such a treat to look at! They were dressed as snow-coated winter-pines (here with party-hats), and reacted to everything that happened on stage. Fun-fun-fun to look at!

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The Mermaid

By spotogspindel | November 3, 2015

The Brostein amateur theatre group premiered “The Mermaid and the mystery of the deep sea” today. The director, Niels Petter Solberg, has also written the script, which is a crossover between several genres: comedy, fairytale, revue, musical… lovely, lively and filled with laughter.


This summer I had a costume-workshop with the wardrobe-team, and in two weeks we made some pretty cool costumes for all the sea-creatures. Below is the shrimp.


The mermaid herself was dressed with an amazing costume mede in the States somewhere, but we made the goldfish.



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By spotogspindel | October 29, 2015

Time for the annual Falturiltu-project at HSH (the teacher´s college). The book the arts and crafts and music-students are working with this year is “Tonje Glimmerdal”. She´s a crazy-cool-strong-willed girl in a small winter-village. The students make the music for the opera, write the lyrics, make the set, the costumes, do all the PR, basically produce the whole thing. As teachers we are only guiding them in the process. Although, with 50 creative minds, sometimes that guiding needs to be a bit stronger than other times, to have everyone pulling in the same direction. Always a challenge, always fun!

(Kind of strange both being a student and a teacher at the same school at the same time)


Jenny making a big felted gull.


Some of the students had never really sewn before, and now they´re making costumes an mass. The choir will be part of the set, dressed as fir-trees.


Jørgen and Rune building a house. A small one. But still a house!


(Last two photos by Vilde Lunde)

Three weeks is all they get. We´re now over mid-way: Wednesday, in 6 days, the auditorium opens for the audience!

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Embroidery workshop

By spotogspindel | October 28, 2015

What a great day! A whole day with 10 arts and crafts-collegues!

I held a practical and inspirational workshop for FOS (Forum for Oppvekst i Sunnhordland) embroidery. Both hand- and freestyle machine embroidery. While we were hand-embroidering it was quiet enough for us to discuss the daily challenges of the trade. 5 schools were represented.


Some of the participants with their half-finished purses and bags. This was really a two-for-the-price-of-one workshop. Normally I´d have a full day with hand-embroidery and another full day with the machine. But since these are students who work with arts and crafts, we could fast-forward the teaching part, as they already are hands-on on a lot of the techniques, and didn´t need to finish projects in the workshop itself.


Hopefully I´ll be able to have more workshops like this :-)

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Photo at school

By spotogspindel | October 27, 2015


A photo-workshop at school! And I got to do 2 first-timers! 3, come to think of it. First, taking photos with a home-made pin-hole camera. Using an old tin-can, with a tiny hole drilled through the side of it. Adding a lid of a black plastic and aluminum-foil, and exposing the photo-paper placed inside to the light that came through it for about a minute. Taking it back to the black-room to develop it. The images were kind of rough, but it was a lot more fun than it may sound. The images came out as negatives, but by laying another photo-paper (face-to-face) on to the first and repeating the light-process, the second image would become positive. (I am sure I explained this rather badly, I´m not to familiar with all the correct photo-terms in English)


After that we had a lesson in ordinary analogue camera picture-taking, with shutter-speed and stuff. Wow! You really get used to using a digital camera, that´s for sure! (The photo above with the tree over the water is from my digital camera.)

But the second first-timer, was painting photo-emulsion onto a little wooden plate and using that instead of paper when developing a photo. Wow! How absolutely cool is that!!!? Not the best of motifs, but who cares?1 It works!!


And almost even cooler: I used a piece of cotton fabric for the same purpose. The motif here was a haunting self-portrait. Taken in about 60 seconds, holding the tin-can  on straight arms above me, slowly moving in a circle. Just perfect for Halloween! 😉


I will certainly experiment more with this!

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Building boats with kids

By spotogspindel | October 25, 2015

Bømlo Art group just had it´s annual family-day at the culture-house (which just celebrated it´s 10th anniversary this weekend) This year we decided to build boats, and take them for a “swim” at the beach the next day.


Martha is in charge, sawing wooden pieces for the kids, who use a hammer to nail it together. Some of them can do it themselves, some need help from a parent or grandparent.


These two boys are eager in the process, hammering and painting. Creating is fun!


Of course, you don´t really need water to tag a boat along after you… 😉


Today, we invited the kids and parents to the beach where they could play with the boats in the “natural” habitat. I think several of the boats had little crabs as crew and captain 😀

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